Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls and Pratibha Singh’s Response

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls and Pratibha Singh Response
Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls and Pratibha Singh Response

Himachal Pradesh Congress President Pratibha Singh discusses the anticipated results of the Lok Sabha elections, countering exit poll predictions and raising concerns about EVMs.

Following the voting for the Lok Sabha elections in Himachal Pradesh, exit poll results have been released. While some exit polls predict a complete wipeout for the Congress, others suggest that the party might secure one seat.

Himachal Pradesh Congress President and outgoing MP from the Mandi parliamentary constituency, Pratibha Singh, has asserted that the actual Lok Sabha election results will defy the exit polls, leading to the formation of an All India Alliance government. She has, however, raised concerns about Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Singh expressed confidence that the results of all four Lok Sabha and six assembly elections in the state will favor the Congress. She dismissed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's claim of securing over 400 seats, predicting that the BJP will not even cross 200 seats.

Pratibha Singh criticized the BJP for avoiding key issues during the campaign, such as rising inflation and unemployment. She stated that the people of Himachal Pradesh have voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Congress. She is confident that the election results on June 4 will be entirely in favor of the Congress. Singh accused the BJP of employing tactics to influence the election results, describing these efforts as unfortunate and claiming they were aimed at creating fear among the electorate. She asserted that the BJP's use of money power to weaken democracy has been completely rejected by the people.

Comments on Her Son's Victory

Pratibha Singh highlighted that the Congress has fought the elections with great vigor in the state and received substantial support from the electorate. She stressed that if EVMs are not tampered with, the election results will be unexpectedly favorable for the Congress both in the state and nationally. Singh confidently predicted that her son, Vikramaditya Singh, will secure a decisive victory in the Mandi parliamentary seat, achieving a record number of votes. She emphasized that the people of the Mandi constituency have consistently supported the Congress and will continue to do so. The development vision presented by Vikramaditya Singh has garnered full support from the voters, ensuring his victory.