Bollywood Actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut Slapped at Chandigarh Airport

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Bollywood Actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut Slapped at Chandigarh Airport
Bollywood Actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut Slapped at Chandigarh Airport

Bollywood actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut was slapped by a CISF guard at Chandigarh airport. The incident caused a commotion, leading to the guard’s suspension and an ongoing investigation.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is also a BJP MP from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, was slapped at Chandigarh airport by a female CISF guard. The incident occurred on Thursday at around 3:40 pm. The guard has been identified as Kulwinder Kaur.

The altercation led to a commotion at the airport. Kangana was on her way to Delhi via a Vistara Airlines flight when the incident took place. Following the incident, both pictures and statements of Kulwinder Kaur have surfaced. Kulwinder Kaur has been suspended and a case has been registered against her.

Incident Details

According to reports, the incident occurred when Kangana was boarding her flight. During this process, Kulwinder Kaur, who was on duty, allegedly slapped her. Kangana has lodged a complaint against the guard and has demanded action. It has been reported that the accused CISF guard has been taken into custody for questioning, and CCTV footage is being reviewed.

Statements from Both Parties

In a statement following the incident, Kangana said, “I was hit on the face and abused. I am safe but I am worried about terrorism in Punjab.”

Conversely, a video surfaced showing CISF guard Kulwinder Kaur explaining her actions. She stated, “During the farmers' movement, my mother was sitting with the protesters, and Kangana had made a statement against them. That is why I slapped her.”

Who is Kulwinder Kaur?

Kulwinder Kaur hails from a Punjabi family and is a member of the CISF. Her family has been associated with the farmers' movement, which she also supports. Kulwinder was performing her duty at Chandigarh Airport when the incident occurred. An investigation into the matter has been ordered.


Following the incident, Kangana has reached Delhi from Chandigarh. In the recent Lok Sabha elections, Kangana defeated Congress candidate Vikramaditya Singh from the Mandi seat with a margin of 74,755 votes. She has once again come into the limelight due to this incident at Chandigarh airport.