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Administrative Committee Formed for Offerings at Bathu Ki Ladi Temple

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Bathu Ki Ladi Temple
Bathu Ki Ladi Temple

Administrative committee formed for offerings at the Bathu Ki Ladi Temple, constructed during the Pandavas’ exile.

An administrative committee has been formed to manage the offerings at the historical and famous Bathu Ki Ladi Temple, which was constructed during the Pandavas’ exile. This committee collects the offerings in the evening and deposits the money with the administration.

However, some so-called individuals are confronting the committee members and attempting to take the offerings themselves. These individuals are also threatening the administrative committee officials.

Intellectuals have stated that the administration should take strict action against such individuals. The administration has opened an account where the money is deposited, and it will be used for the Gau Sanctuary and other religious works.

Local resident Sanjay Rana praised the administration’s decision to form a committee, ensuring that the offerings are deposited in an account for social and religious purposes. He also called for action against those who are taking the money themselves. He demanded action against those climbing the Bathu Ki Ladi and bathing in the water.

Special Features of Bathu Ki Ladi Temple

The unique aspect of this temple is that it remains submerged underwater for eight months of the year. The complex includes the main temple along with eight smaller structures. It stays submerged under the Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake for eight months.

Despite being underwater for such a long period, the structure has not been affected, which is attributed to the temple being constructed from a very strong stone called Bathu.

According to mythology, the Pandavas built stairs from this temple to reach heaven, but they could not complete it.