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Britannia Announces Closure of Historic Taratala Factory in Kolkata

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Britannia Announces Closure of Historic Taratala Factory in Kolkata
Britannia Announces Closure of Historic Taratala Factory in Kolkata

Britannia announces the closure of its historic 77-year-old factory in Kolkata’s Taratala. Established in 1947, all employees have accepted VRS.

In a significant development, Britannia Industries has announced the closure of its 77-year-old factory located in Kolkata's Taratala. This historic plant, established in 1947, has been a landmark in the city, symbolizing the rich legacy of one of India's most beloved biscuit companies.

End of an Era

The closure of the Taratala factory marks the end of an era for Britannia. The plant has been an integral part of the company's operations, producing a wide range of popular biscuits that have been enjoyed by generations of Indians. The decision to shut down the factory has been made after thorough consideration of various factors, including operational efficiencies and strategic business goals.

Employees Accept Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS)

As part of the closure process, all employees of the Taratala factory have accepted the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) offered by the company. This move aims to ensure a smooth transition for the workforce, providing them with adequate support and compensation as they move forward. Britannia has expressed its gratitude to the employees for their years of dedicated service and contributions to the company's success.

Historical Significance of the Taratala Factory

The Taratala factory holds a special place in Britannia's history. Established shortly after India gained independence, the plant has witnessed the company's growth and evolution over the decades. It has been a witness to numerous milestones, including the launch of iconic biscuit brands that have become household names across the country.

Strategic Business Decisions

Britannia's decision to close the Taratala factory is part of a broader strategy to optimize its manufacturing footprint and enhance operational efficiencies. The company is focused on leveraging modern technologies and infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of the market and deliver superior products to its consumers. This strategic move is aimed at strengthening Britannia's position as a leading player in the competitive biscuit industry.

Looking Ahead

While the closure of the Taratala factory marks the end of a significant chapter in Britannia's history, the company remains committed to its vision of providing high-quality and innovative products to its consumers. Britannia continues to invest in new manufacturing facilities, research and development, and supply chain enhancements to drive future growth and maintain its market leadership.


The announcement of the Taratala factory closure has garnered attention from across the industry and the city of Kolkata. As Britannia bids farewell to this historic plant, it also looks forward to new opportunities and advancements in its journey. The legacy of the Taratala factory will continue to be remembered as a cornerstone of Britannia's storied past.

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