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WhatsApp Closes Over 66 Lakh Accounts in India for Violating Laws

S Choudhury
WhatsApp Closes Over 66 Lakh Accounts in India for Violating Laws
WhatsApp Closes Over 66 Lakh Accounts in India for Violating Laws

WhatsApp has closed over 66 lakh accounts in India in May last year for violating Indian laws. The company also proactively shut down 12 lakh accounts before any user complaints.

WhatsApp announced that it closed more than 66 lakh accounts in India in May of last year. These accounts were found to be in violation of Indian laws. Notably, over 12 lakh accounts were proactively shut down by the company before any complaints were received from users.

Compliance with Indian Government Regulations

According to the rules set by the Indian Government, social media companies are required to submit a monthly report detailing the number of accounts they have closed. In its latest report, WhatsApp disclosed that it had received 13,367 user complaints. Despite the large number of complaints, action was taken on only 31 cases.

Details of the Actions Taken

The “action taken” accounts mentioned in WhatsApp’s report refer to those on which the company has imposed some restrictions or completely closed following user complaints. Additionally, WhatsApp received 11 complaints from a national committee known as the Grievance Appellate Committee, and necessary actions were taken in these cases as well. The company emphasizes its commitment to maintaining transparency and will continue to provide updates on actions taken in future reports.

WhatsApp’s Proactive Measures

In the previous month of April, WhatsApp closed more than 71 lakh accounts in India. These accounts were found to be violating Indian regulations. Interestingly, in March, the number of complaints filed by users reached 10,554, but action was taken on only 11 of them.

WhatsApp highlights that it offers users the capability to block inappropriate contacts and report objectionable content directly through the app. The company also engages with experts to curb the spread of fake news, enhance online security, and prevent election interference.

Ensuring User Safety

WhatsApp’s stringent actions against accounts violating Indian laws underscore its dedication to maintaining a secure and compliant platform for its users. By taking proactive measures and acting on user complaints, WhatsApp aims to foster a safer online environment.

As social media platforms continue to evolve, the importance of adhering to regulations and ensuring user safety remains paramount. WhatsApp’s transparency in reporting and proactive stance against violations set a positive example for other social media companies operating in India.