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Bihar By-Election: Political Temperature Rises as Rupauli Assembly By-Election Approaches

S Choudhury
Bihar By Election Political Temperature Rises as Rupauli Assembly By Election Approaches
Bihar By Election Political Temperature Rises as Rupauli Assembly By Election Approaches

Political temperature in Bihar rises with the upcoming Rupauli assembly by-election on July 10. Read about the major candidates and campaign strategies.

The political atmosphere in Bihar is heating up as the Rupauli assembly by-election approaches. Scheduled for July 10, the by-election is crucial for the Rupauli assembly constituency under the Purnia Lok Sabha. Campaigning efforts are in full swing and will continue until July 8. The Janata Dal (United) [JDU] has mobilized all its ministers within the state government to campaign for their candidate, Kaladhar Mandal.

RJD Nominates Bima Bharti

The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has nominated Bima Bharti as its candidate. Around 21 teams have been fielded, taking into account social equations, to appeal to voters from different communities. RJD has also directed all its MLAs to campaign panchayat-wise for Bima Bharti. In the 2020 assembly elections, the Rupauli seat went to JDU with Bima Bharti winning and reaching the assembly. Later, she resigned from JDU and the assembly, joining RJD. Her resignation necessitated the by-election for the vacant seat.

JDU Forms 21 Campaign Teams

To bolster support for their candidate Kaladhar Mandal, JDU has formed 21 teams comprising leaders from various castes and regions. Senior party leaders and state government ministers have also been roped into the campaign. These leaders are instructed to stay in the Rupauli assembly constituency and engage in public relations efforts. JDU sources indicate that the formation of these teams aims to reach every segment of society. For instance, JDU MLA Ajay Chaudhary from Benipur in Darbhanga is responsible for connecting with Brahmins from the general category, while former minister Ramsevak Singh leads the team for the Kushwaha community in the backward class. Separate teams are also formed for communities like Prajapati/Kumhar, Chandravanshi, Weaver, Tanti, Vaishya, and Dalits.

NDA Constituent Parties Join the Campaign

Leaders from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) constituent parties will also participate in the election campaign. Senior leaders from BJP, LJP (R), and RLSP are expected to be heavily involved. They consider this by-election significant and aim to run an effective public relations campaign in support of the JDU candidate.

Grand Alliance to Support RJD

On the other side, leaders from the Grand Alliance, including Congress, CPI, CPI (M), and CPI (ML), will campaign in favor of the RJD candidate Bima Bharti. These leaders will appeal to the voters to support Bharti in the upcoming by-election.

The upcoming by-election in Rupauli is not just a local political contest but a significant event that will impact the larger political dynamics in Bihar. With heavyweights from both JDU and RJD vying for the seat, the outcome will be closely watched and analyzed by political pundits and the general public alike.

As the Rupauli assembly by-election on July 10 approaches, the intense campaigning from both JDU and RJD underscores the significance of this election. With strategic mobilization of leaders and targeted voter outreach, both parties are leaving no stone unturned to secure a victory. The political climate in Bihar is charged, and the results of this by-election will be pivotal in shaping the future political landscape of the state.