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Ranveer Singh’s Big Budget Film with S Shankar Shelved

S Choudhury
Ranveer Singh Big Budget Film with S Shankar Shelved
Ranveer Singh Big Budget Film with S Shankar Shelved

The highly anticipated collaboration between Ranveer Singh, director S Shankar, and producer Jayantilal Gada has been shelved. The big budget remake of the Tamil film ‘Anniyan’ will no longer be made.

The highly anticipated collaboration between ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ producer Jayantilal Gada, Simba actor Ranveer Singh, and South film director S Shankar has been shelved. The announcement of this big budget film was made three years ago, creating a buzz among fans and industry insiders. However, recent developments have confirmed that the project will no longer move forward. This news comes as a significant disappointment to Ranveer Singh’s fans, especially considering the delay in the shooting of his film ‘Don 3’ which has yet to commence even after ten months since its announcement.

Which Movie Got Shelved?

Three years ago, Jayantilal Gada announced the remake of the Tamil film ‘Anniyan’ with Ranveer Singh. The announcement was made on Twitter, featuring a photo of Gada with director S Shankar and Ranveer. However, the producer of the original film ‘Anniyan’, Oscar Ravichandran, stated that he holds the official rights to the story and that Shankar could not remake the film without his permission. This legal complication has ultimately led to the shelving of the project.

The Project Was a Remake of Which Tamil Film?

‘Anniyan’, released in Tamil on June 10, 2005, was a significant success and was later dubbed and released in four other languages. In 2006, it was dubbed in Hindi and released as ‘Aparichith’. The film starred actor Vikram, who portrayed a young man with three distinct personalities: Ambi, a lawyer; Remo, a fashion model; and ‘Anniyan’, a vigilante who seeks justice against injustice at night. Vikram’s performance was widely acclaimed, making the film a classic in Tamil cinema.

The Film Director’s Statement

Speaking about the project, director S Shankar stated, “I think the remake of the film ‘Anniyan’ will not be right for Ranveer Singh. I am talking to my producer so that I can make a film on another mega budget story with Ranveer. Anyway, right now I am busy with the promotion of the film ‘Indian 2’. After this, I have to complete the work of ‘Indian 3’. The shooting of the film has been completed.”

Shankar also has another film, ‘Game Changer’, starring actor Ram Charan, whose shooting is yet to be completed. Any new project with Ranveer Singh will likely commence only after these commitments are fulfilled. Despite the setback, Shankar remains optimistic about future collaborations with Ranveer Singh, suggesting that there could be a new mega-budget story in the pipeline.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what new projects emerge from this dynamic trio. While the shelving of the ‘Anniyan’ remake is a setback, it also opens the door for potentially exciting new ventures in the future.