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Bigg Boss OTT Season 3: Armaan Malik’s Controversial Statement on Lavkesh Kataria

S Choudhury
Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 Armaan Malik Controversial Statement on Lavkesh Kataria
Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 Armaan Malik Controversial Statement on Lavkesh Kataria

Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 creates buzz with YouTuber Armaan Malik’s controversial statement about Lavkesh Kataria. Discover the drama and eliminations in the latest season.

Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 has been making waves on social media ever since it began. This time, YouTuber Armaan Malik and his wife Kritika Malik are garnering the most attention in the show. The show is in its second week and has already seen its share of drama and eliminations, with Polomi Das being the latest contestant to leave the house. Before Polomi, Payal Malik was evicted. So far, three people have been shown the door. In the latest episode, Armaan Malik made a big statement regarding Lavkesh Kataria’s participation in the show.

Armaan Malik’s Bold Statement About Lavkesh Kataria

The atmosphere in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 is charged with tension and confrontations. Armaan Malik recently made a controversial statement about fellow contestant Lavkesh Kataria. During a conversation with Shivani Kumari, Kritika Malik, Ranveer Shorey, and Sana Maqbool, Armaan commented on Lavkesh’s presence in the show. He said, “Actually, Kataria has the experience of Elvish. He has come here only because of Elvish’s approach.” Shivani agreed with his remarks.

Potential Fallout from Armaan Malik’s Comments

Armaan Malik’s statement didn’t stop there. He further added, “And if not, then tell me which YouTuber he is counted among. Have you seen him anywhere till date?” These remarks were made in Lavkesh Kataria’s absence, which adds an element of suspense as viewers anticipate Lavkesh’s reaction once he learns about it. The housemates’ dynamics are set to shift dramatically as the fallout from Armaan’s comments unfolds.

Current Housemates and Recent Eliminations

The tension in the Bigg Boss house is palpable as eliminations continue to thin the ranks. So far, Neeraj Goyat, Polomi Das, and Payal Malik have been eliminated from the game show. Hosted by the charismatic Anil Kapoor, Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 has kept audiences hooked with its non-stop drama and intense competition.

As it stands, the remaining contestants in the house are Deepak Chaurasia, Chandrika Dixit, Sai Ketan Rao, Sana Sultan, Ranveer Shorey, Vishal Pandey, Lavkesh Kataria, Kritika Malik, Sana Maqbool, Armaan Malik, Naezy, Shivani Kumari, and Munisha Khatwani. Each of these participants brings a unique flavor to the show, contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of alliances, rivalries, and unexpected twists.

What Lies Ahead in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3

As the competition heats up, viewers can expect more surprises and confrontations. Armaan Malik’s bold statements about Lavkesh Kataria have set the stage for a possible showdown, adding to the excitement. With eliminations looming and the stakes higher than ever, Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 promises to deliver even more high-voltage drama.

Stay tuned to see how the housemates navigate these turbulent waters and who emerges victorious in this thrilling season of Bigg Boss OTT. Will Lavkesh Kataria respond to Armaan Malik’s comments? How will the dynamics in the house shift in the coming days? Only time will tell as the drama continues to unfold.