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Another Bridge Collapses in Bihar’s Saran District

S Choudhury
Another Bridge Collapses in Bihar Saran District
Another Bridge Collapses in Bihar Saran District

Bihar faces another bridge collapse in Banaypur block, Saran district, highlighting infrastructure challenges. Read more about the incident and government response.

Incidents of bridge collapse continue to plague Bihar, with yet another bridge collapsing on Thursday. The bridge, located in Banaypur block on the Gandaki river, was built just 15 years ago. Fortunately, there have been no casualties reported. However, the collapse has disrupted the connecting road between Saran and the neighboring district of Siwan. This marks the 10th bridge collapse in Bihar in the past fortnight, highlighting serious concerns over infrastructure maintenance.

District Magistrate Responds to the Incident

Saran District Magistrate Aman Sameer confirmed the incident, stating, “The bridge collapse incident is from Saran district. Two bridges have collapsed in the district within the last 24 hours.” The bridge, constructed by local authorities 15 years ago, collapsed on Thursday morning. While there were no casualties, the bridge was crucial in connecting several villages in Saran with the neighboring district of Siwan.

The District Magistrate further mentioned, “This small bridge located in Banaypur block on the Gandaki river used to connect many villages of Saran with the neighboring district Siwan. The real reason for the collapse is not known yet, but recently the work of removing silt from the bridge had started.” He and other district administration officials have reached the site to assess the situation.

Infrastructure Crisis in Bihar

This incident is part of a worrying trend in Bihar, where 10 bridges have collapsed in just 16 days. On Wednesday alone, two small bridges collapsed in Janata Bazar and Lahladpur areas of Saran district. The continuous collapse of bridges has raised alarm among residents and officials alike. Local residents attribute the frequent collapses to continuous rain over the past few days, which may have weakened the structures.

Government’s Response

The latest incident comes just a day after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar directed the Road Construction and Rural Works Department to survey all old bridges in the state and identify those needing repairs. A high-level inquiry has been ordered to determine the cause of the recent collapses. The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of updating maintenance policies and ensuring the safety of existing infrastructure.

The Chief Minister’s review meeting on Wednesday highlighted the urgent need for better maintenance policies. He stated that the Road Construction Department has already prepared its bridge maintenance policy and urged the Rural Works Department to finalize their plan soon. This directive aims to prevent further incidents and ensure the longevity of vital infrastructure.

Impact on Local Communities

The collapse of the bridge in Banaypur has significant implications for local communities. The bridge served as a crucial link for daily commutes and transport of goods between Saran and Siwan. The disruption caused by the collapse will likely impact local economies and the daily lives of residents who relied on this route for connectivity.

The frequent bridge collapses in Bihar underscore the urgent need for robust infrastructure maintenance and timely interventions. As the government steps up efforts to survey and repair aging bridges, the focus must remain on ensuring the safety and reliability of these critical structures. The ongoing high-level inquiry and subsequent actions will be crucial in restoring public confidence and preventing further incidents.