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Gati Shakti University and Airbus Sign Agreement for Aerospace Collaboration

Maharanee Kumari
Gati Shakti University and Airbus Sign Agreement for Aerospace Collaboration
Gati Shakti University and Airbus Sign Agreement for Aerospace Collaboration

Gati Shakti University and Airbus sign an agreement to collaborate in aerospace research and education. The partnership includes scholarships, a Center for Excellence, and training programs for aviation professionals.

In a significant step towards enhancing India’s capabilities in aerospace and aviation, Gati Shakti University of Railways has entered into an agreement with Airbus Company. This collaboration aims to foster research and education in the aerospace sector, providing valuable opportunities for students and professionals alike.

Details of the Agreement

The agreement, signed at Rail Bhavan on Friday, marks a milestone in the cooperation between Gati Shakti University and Airbus. Under this partnership, 40 students from the university will receive scholarships for the entire duration of their programs. Additionally, a Center for Excellence will be established, and the post of Airbus Aviation Chair Professor will be created to spearhead academic and research initiatives.

Moreover, the agreement includes provisions for conducting specialized training programs for professionals in the aviation sector. These initiatives aim to equip participants with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, aligning with global standards in aerospace technology and management.

Signatories and Attendees

The agreement was signed by Remi Mallord, Head of India and South Asia at Airbus, and Professor Manoj Chaudhary, Vice Chancellor of Gati Shakti University. The ceremony was attended by several dignitaries, including Railway and Information Broadcasting Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, Union Civil Aviation Minister Ram Mohan Naidu, Minister of State for Railways Ravneet Singh Bittu, and Chairman and CEO of the Railway Board Jaya Verma Sinha.

Government’s Vision for Integrated Transport Development

Speaking at the event, Railway and Information Broadcasting Minister Ashwini Vaishnav emphasized the government’s commitment to delivering on its promises. He highlighted the importance of developing all sectors of transport—aviation, highways, rail, and road—simultaneously. “The establishment of Gati Shakti University is a strategic move to ensure holistic development across all transport sectors,” he noted.

Vaishnav pointed out that the university has already made strides in railway development and manufacturing and is now poised to make significant contributions to civil aviation. The collaboration with Airbus is expected to accelerate these efforts, bringing cutting-edge aerospace research and education to India.

Expansion of Aviation Infrastructure

Union Civil Aviation Minister Ram Mohan Naidu expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with Airbus. He highlighted the rapid expansion of aviation infrastructure in India, noting that the number of airports has increased from 74 to 157 in the last decade. “The Udan scheme has successfully connected smaller cities to the national airspace, making air travel accessible to a larger population,” he said.

Naidu emphasized that the agreement with Airbus would further enhance India’s aviation capabilities, providing new opportunities for research, education, and professional training. He expressed confidence that the collaboration would pave the way for significant advancements in the aerospace sector.

Future Prospects

The partnership between Gati Shakti University and Airbus represents a forward-thinking approach to integrating academic excellence with industry expertise. By providing scholarships, establishing a Center for Excellence, and offering professional training programs, the collaboration aims to nurture a new generation of aerospace professionals equipped to meet global challenges.

This initiative is expected to not only benefit the students and professionals directly involved but also contribute to the broader development of India’s aerospace and aviation industries, driving innovation and progress in the years to come.