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NEET UG Counseling Postponed Amid Controversies

Khushbu Kumari Jha
NEET UG Counseling Postponed Amid Controversies
NEET UG Counseling Postponed Amid Controversies

NEET UG counseling postponed amid controversies and demands for exam cancellation. Latest updates on the issue and Supreme Court’s stance.

The NEET UG counseling has been postponed until further notice, as reported by news agency ANI quoting official sources. This decision comes amid growing demands to cancel the NEET-UG 2024 exam, which has been surrounded by various controversies. Despite these calls, the Center and the National Testing Agency (NTA) informed the Supreme Court on Friday that canceling the exam would be detrimental to many students, particularly those who have already passed.

Exam Conducted on 5 May

The NTA conducts NEET-UG for admissions to MBBS, BDS, AYUSH, and other related courses in government and private institutions across India. This year, the exam was held on 5 May. Approximately 23 lakh candidates appeared for the exam at 4,750 examination centers in 571 cities. However, the exam has been mired in allegations of question paper leaks and various irregularities, sparking widespread protests in several cities. Opposition parties have also raised this issue, and numerous cases have been filed in the courts regarding these allegations.

Supreme Court’s Stance

In light of these controversies, the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the demand for the cancellation of the NEET-UG 2024 exam. The Center and NTA argued that canceling the exam would adversely affect the career prospects of the students who have passed. They emphasized that canceling the exam would disrupt the academic schedule and cause significant harm to the students’ future educational opportunities.

Protests and Legal Battles

The allegations of question paper leaks and irregularities led to protests in several cities, with students and parents demanding justice. Opposition parties have taken up the cause, pushing for a thorough investigation into the alleged malpractices. The controversy has also led to multiple legal challenges, with several petitions filed in courts seeking the exam’s cancellation and a re-conduct of the test under stricter supervision.

Impact on Students

The decision to postpone NEET UG counseling has left many students in a state of uncertainty. With their futures hanging in the balance, students are eagerly awaiting a resolution to the controversy. The NTA and other authorities are under immense pressure to address the concerns raised by the students and their parents, while also ensuring the integrity of the examination process.

Future Steps

As the situation develops, all eyes are on the authorities to see how they will handle the allegations and the subsequent fallout. The Supreme Court’s future hearings will likely play a crucial role in determining the next steps. Meanwhile, students are advised to stay informed through official channels and prepare for any eventual outcomes regarding their counseling and admission processes.

The NEET-UG 2024 exam controversy highlights the need for robust mechanisms to prevent malpractices and ensure a fair examination process for all candidates. The resolution of this issue will be crucial in restoring the faith of students and parents in the educational system.