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KSRTC Employees Protest in Thiruvananthapuram Over Delayed Salaries

Rachna Kumari
KSRTC Employees Protest in Thiruvananthapuram Over Delayed Salaries
KSRTC Employees Protest in Thiruvananthapuram Over Delayed Salaries

KSRTC employees staged a protest in Thiruvananthapuram over delayed salaries. Read about the reasons behind the protest and the response from authorities.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: In a significant display of discontent, employees of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) staged a protest in Thiruvananthapuram earlier today. The protest was sparked by the delay in the disbursement of their salaries, a recurring issue that has caused considerable distress among the workforce.

Massive Turnout and Unified Voices

Hundreds of KSRTC employees gathered outside the KSRTC headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram, holding placards and chanting slogans demanding timely payment of their dues. The protest was marked by a strong sense of unity among the employees, who voiced their frustrations and concerns over the financial instability caused by the delayed salaries.

Reasons Behind the Protest

The primary grievance of the protesting employees is the consistent delay in receiving their monthly salaries. Many employees have reported financial difficulties, including an inability to meet daily expenses and fulfill family obligations. The delay has also led to psychological stress, with employees feeling undervalued and neglected by the authorities.

Statements from the Protesters

Speaking to the media, Rajesh Kumar, a KSRTC driver, said, “We have families to support and bills to pay. The delay in our salaries has put us in a very difficult situation. We are here today to demand what is rightfully ours.” Another employee, Anitha Nair, highlighted the long-term impact of the salary delays, stating, “This is not the first time we are facing this issue. It has become a recurring problem, and we feel helpless and unheard.”

Response from KSRTC Management

In response to the protest, KSRTC officials acknowledged the delays and expressed their commitment to resolving the issue. A spokesperson for KSRTC said, “We understand the concerns of our employees and are working towards ensuring that salaries are disbursed on time. The financial challenges faced by KSRTC are significant, but we are taking steps to address them.”

Government’s Role and Intervention

The protest has also drawn attention to the need for government intervention to stabilize the financial health of KSRTC. Employees and union leaders have called on the state government to provide adequate support to the corporation and ensure that employees are paid on time. Discussions are underway between KSRTC management and government officials to find a sustainable solution to the ongoing issue.

Impact on Public Transport

The KSRTC is a vital component of Kerala’s public transport system, serving millions of commuters daily. The protest and the issues leading up to it have raised concerns about the potential disruption of services. Commuters have expressed solidarity with the employees, recognizing the importance of their demands and the need for a reliable public transport system.

The protest by KSRTC employees in Thiruvananthapuram highlights the pressing issue of delayed salaries and the broader financial challenges faced by the corporation. As discussions continue and solutions are sought, the employees remain hopeful that their voices will be heard and their grievances addressed. The resolution of this issue is crucial not only for the welfare of the employees but also for the stability and efficiency of public transport in Kerala.