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Ongoing Encounters in Kulgam and Rajouri: Six Terrorists Killed, Two Soldiers Martyred

S Choudhury
Ongoing Encounters in Kulgam and Rajouri Six Terrorists Killed Two Soldiers Martyred
Ongoing Encounters in Kulgam and Rajouri Six Terrorists Killed Two Soldiers Martyred

Encounter between security forces and terrorists in Kulgam, South Kashmir. Six terrorists killed, two soldiers martyred. Ongoing operations in Kulgam and Rajouri.

Kulgam, South Kashmir: Intense encounters are underway between security forces and terrorists at two different locations in Kulgam district of South Kashmir. As of Sunday, security forces have successfully neutralized six terrorists, while two soldiers have been martyred in the ongoing operations.

Details of the Encounter in Kulgam

According to official sources, the confrontations began when security forces initiated a cordon and search operation in the Frisal Chinnigam area of Kulgam. The terrorists, in response, opened fire, leading to a fierce encounter. On Saturday, four terrorists were killed, and an additional two were neutralized on Sunday. Despite spotting four bodies through drone footage at the encounter site, recovery efforts have been hampered due to continuous firing.

The encounter site is located in the interior areas of Kulgam district, away from the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway. Security forces have cordoned off the affected areas to prevent the escape of any terrorists.

Army Jawan Injured in Rajouri

In a related incident, an army soldier was injured in the early hours of Sunday due to firing by terrorists on a security post in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. The attack occurred around 4 am in Galuthi village of the Manjakot area. The terrorists initiated the attack, prompting a retaliatory response from the soldiers. The exchange of fire lasted for about half an hour, resulting in the injury of an army soldier. The terrorists managed to flee into the nearby forest, and a search operation is currently ongoing to locate them.

Impact and Response

These encounters highlight the ongoing challenges faced by security forces in maintaining peace and security in the region. The martyrdom of two soldiers underscores the high stakes and sacrifices involved in these operations. The successful neutralization of six terrorists is a significant achievement, yet the continuous threats and skirmishes indicate a persistent security concern.

Authorities have urged local residents to remain vigilant and cooperate with security forces to ensure their safety and the success of the ongoing operations. Enhanced security measures and increased patrolling are expected in the affected areas to prevent any further incidents.

The ongoing encounters in Kulgam and Rajouri districts of Jammu and Kashmir are critical in the fight against terrorism in the region. The security forces’ swift response and determination have resulted in the elimination of six terrorists, albeit at the cost of two brave soldiers. As operations continue, the focus remains on securing the area and apprehending any remaining terrorists to restore peace and stability.