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Heavy Rains in Nepal Trigger Flood Alert in Gopalganj, Bihar

Rachna Kumari
Heavy Rains in Nepal Trigger Flood Alert in Gopalganj Bihar
Heavy Rains in Nepal Trigger Flood Alert in Gopalganj Bihar

Heavy rains in Nepal cause Gandak river to swell, threatening floods in Gopalganj. District administration on high alert and monitoring embankments.

In the wake of heavy rains in Nepal, a substantial water discharge of 297,000 cusecs from the Valmikinagar Barrage at 7 pm on Saturday has caused the Gandak river to surge. There is a forecast of approximately 500,000 cusecs of water potentially flowing again on Sunday, raising concerns about potential havoc in Gopalganj. The Water Resources Department has indicated that the next 48 hours are crucial for the Gandak river, prompting District Magistrate (DM) Mohammad Maqsood Alam and other district officials to commence immediate monitoring of the embankments.

DM Takes Charge of Monitoring Efforts

DM Mohammad Maqsood Alam is personally overseeing the monitoring of the Gandak river’s rising water levels. According to the DM, the discharge level was measured at 88,000 cusecs at 6 am on Saturday morning, which then doubled by the evening. By 12 noon, the discharge level had reached 161,000 cusecs, and it escalated to 297,000 cusecs by 7 pm. The DM has instructed all zonal officers to alert the villagers living within the embankment areas and provide information on moving goods and cattle to safe locations. A 24-hour vigil has been established on the embankments to ensure prompt response to any emergencies.

Administration Issues Alert in Low-Lying Areas

The district administration has issued alerts to the residents of the lower areas along the Gandak river, urging them to move to higher ground. Sadar Zone CO Ghulam Sarwar has made public announcements, encouraging people to safeguard their belongings and cattle in anticipation of potential flooding. Villages inside the embankments from Kuchaykot block to Sadar block, including Manjha, Barauli, Sidhwalia, and Baikunthpur, are under threat. Surveillance of the embankments has been intensified in areas such as Bhasi, Sipaiya, Bhagwanpur, Vishnupur, Pathara, and Tandspur.

Heightened Vigilance in Kuchaykot Block

The local administration in Kuchaykot block has advised residents to remain vigilant due to the rising water levels. The flood-prone areas include Kala Matihaniya, Durg Matihaniya, Salehpur, Tola Sipayya, and Rampur Madho. Strict monitoring is being conducted on the embankments in these regions. Similarly, several panchayats in Manjha block are also at risk of flooding due to the elevated water levels of the Gandak river. In Gopalganj block, areas such as Katgharwan, Vishnupur East, Vishnupur West, Baraipatti, Jadopur Dukhharan, Rampur Tengrahi, and Jagiri Tola are on high alert, while Nimuiya, Bhainsahee, Gausia, Puraina, Madhu Sareya, and Khwajepur panchayats in Manjha block are also at risk.

Flood Threat in Barauli Block

The rising water levels of the Gandak river pose a significant flood threat to seven panchayats in Barauli block, including Sonbarsa, Mohammadpur Pakriya, Devapur, Hasanpur, Rampur, Salempur East, and Salempur West. The residents of these areas are anxious about the potential for embankment breaches due to the river’s pressure. Most areas in Sidhavaliya and Baikunthpur blocks in eastern Gopalganj are also affected by the rising water levels. Villages such as Amarpura, Dumariya, and Kashi Tengrahi in Sidhavaliya block, and Parsauni, Basghat Mansuria, Usri, Gamhari, Faizullahpur, Pyarepur, Bakhri, and Bangra in Baikunthpur block are particularly vulnerable.

As the situation develops, the district administration continues to monitor the embankments closely, ensuring that necessary precautions are taken to protect the lives and property of the residents in the flood-prone areas.