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Heavy Rains in Mumbai Cause Waterlogging and Train Service Disruptions

Maharanee Kumari
Heavy Rains in Mumbai Cause Waterlogging and Train Service Disruptions
Heavy Rains in Mumbai Cause Waterlogging and Train Service Disruptions

Heavy rains in Mumbai, Maharashtra led to severe waterlogging, long traffic jams, and disruption of local train services. The Meteorological Department predicts continued heavy rainfall.

Mumbai, Maharashtra – Heavy rains have once again wreaked havoc in Mumbai, leading to severe waterlogging in many parts of the city. The incessant downpour has caused long traffic jams and major disruptions in local train services, particularly between Khadavali and Titwala in the Kalyan-Kasara section. The Meteorological Department has forecasted that the heavy rains will continue throughout the week, compounding the city’s woes.

Impact on Local Train Services

Central Railway’s suburban services have been significantly affected by the heavy rains. Key sections between Sion and Bhandup, as well as Nahur stations, experienced substantial waterlogging on the tracks. As a result, train services were halted for about an hour. Although the water has receded slightly and train operations have resumed, services remain disrupted, causing inconvenience to commuters.

The overnight rains have particularly impacted the busy sections of the local train network. On Sunday, local train services were suspended between Kasara and Titwala stations after a tree fell on the tracks due to the storm and rain. Additionally, mudslides were reported on the tracks between Atgaon and Thanesit stations, further disrupting the train services. A tree also fell at Washind station, causing additional delays on one of the city’s busiest routes.

Weather Forecast

According to the Meteorological Department (IMD), Mumbai will continue to experience moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the day on July 8. The IMD has also warned of potential thunderstorms during the night, advising residents to remain cautious and avoid unnecessary travel.

Train Cancellations

In response to the adverse weather conditions and resultant disruptions, Central Railway has announced the cancellation of several trains scheduled for July 8. The cancellations were communicated via Central Railway’s social media platform X:

  • 12110 (MMR-CSMT) JCO - 08.07.2024
  • 11010 (Pune-CSMT) JCO - 08.07.2024
  • 12124 (Pune CSMT Deccan) JCO - 08.07.2024
  • 11007 (Pune-CSMT Deccan) JCO - 08.07.2024
  • 12127 (CSMT-Pune Intercity Express) JCO - 08.07.2024

Response from Authorities

Local authorities and railway officials are working tirelessly to manage the situation. Efforts are underway to clear the tracks and ensure the safe resumption of services. Commuters have been advised to stay updated with the latest announcements and to plan their journeys accordingly.

The heavy rains in Mumbai have once again highlighted the city’s vulnerability to monsoon disruptions. With the Meteorological Department predicting continued rainfall, the situation is expected to remain challenging for residents and commuters. Authorities are on high alert, and efforts are being made to mitigate the impact and restore normalcy as soon as possible. Citizens are urged to stay safe, avoid flooded areas, and follow updates from official sources.