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Earthquake of 4.5 Magnitude Hits Hingoli in Maharashtra

Maharanee Kumari
Earthquake of 4point5 Magnitude Hits Hingoli in Maharashtra
Earthquake of 4point5 Magnitude Hits Hingoli in Maharashtra

An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 struck Hingoli, Maharashtra, causing mild tremors but no reported casualties or significant damage. The National Center for Seismology provided details of the event.

Hingoli, Maharashtra: An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 on the Richter scale struck the Hingoli district of Maharashtra early Wednesday morning, July 10, 2024. The tremors were felt at precisely 07:14 am, according to the National Center for Seismology (NCS).

The NCS reported that the earthquake’s epicenter was located near Hingoli, a region that typically does not experience frequent seismic activity. The quake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers beneath the earth’s surface, which is relatively shallow and likely contributed to the tremors being felt across a wider area.

Impact and Response

Initial reports from local authorities and residents indicate that the earthquake caused mild tremors that lasted for a few seconds. Fortunately, there have been no immediate reports of casualties or significant damage to infrastructure. However, the incident has prompted a swift response from disaster management teams and local authorities who are assessing the situation to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.

“The tremors were quite noticeable, but thankfully, there has been no major damage or injuries reported so far,” said a local government official. “We are conducting thorough inspections of buildings, bridges, and other critical infrastructure to ensure everything is safe.”

Preparedness and Safety Measures

In the wake of the earthquake, the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority (MSDMA) has issued guidelines for residents on how to stay safe during and after such events. The MSDMA has emphasized the importance of having emergency kits ready, knowing the safe spots in homes and buildings, and being aware of the emergency evacuation routes.

Residents are also being advised to remain vigilant and report any structural damages to the authorities immediately. The local administration is on high alert, ready to provide assistance and support wherever needed.

Expert Insights

Seismologists from the NCS have noted that while the earthquake was of moderate magnitude, its shallow depth made the tremors more perceptible. Dr. Meenakshi Gupta, a senior seismologist, explained, “Earthquakes of this magnitude are not uncommon in India, and while they can cause significant concern, they often do not result in major destruction. It is crucial, however, for communities to be prepared and for buildings to adhere to earthquake-resistant standards.”

Historical Context

Hingoli, like much of Maharashtra, is not typically known for high seismic activity compared to other regions in India such as the Himalayan belt. However, the state has experienced notable earthquakes in the past, making preparedness a key focus for the local government.

Community Response

The community response has been proactive, with local residents checking on each other and ensuring that vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and children, are safe. Schools and public buildings are being inspected for any potential damage, and safety drills are being conducted to educate people on how to react in the event of future tremors.

As the situation develops, the NCS and local authorities will continue to monitor for aftershocks and provide updates. The emphasis remains on safety, preparedness, and swift response to ensure the well-being of all residents in Hingoli and surrounding areas.