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PM Narendra Modi’s Historic Visit to Austria: Talks with Chancellor Nehammer

Rachna Kumari
PM Narendra Modi Historic Visit to Austria Talks with Chancellor Nehammer
PM Narendra Modi Historic Visit to Austria Talks with Chancellor Nehammer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Austrian Chancellor Nehammer, discussing strategic cooperation, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and economic ties.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held extensive talks with Chancellor Nehammer during his visit to Austria. Various pivotal issues were discussed between the two leaders. Following their meeting, PM Modi and Chancellor Nehammer held a joint press conference. PM Modi expressed his gratitude, stating, “I thank Chancellor Nehammer for the warm welcome and hospitality. I am happy that I got the opportunity to visit Austria at the beginning of my third term.”

Historic Significance of the Visit

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the historic and special nature of his visit, noting that it was the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Austria in 41 years. “This visit of mine is historic and special, and it is a happy coincidence that it is taking place as we mark 75 years of our mutual relations,” PM Modi remarked. The discussions between the leaders identified new avenues for strengthening mutual cooperation, with a strategic direction aimed at enhancing relations beyond economic cooperation and investment. Key areas of focus include infrastructure development, renewable energy, hydrogen, water and waste management, and artificial intelligence.

Discussions on Global Conflicts

During the press conference, Prime Minister Modi addressed the Russia-Ukraine war and other global conflicts. He emphasized, “Whether it is the conflict in Ukraine or the situation in West Asia, I have said earlier that this is not the time for war; problems cannot be solved on the battlefield. The loss of innocent lives is unacceptable.” PM Modi highlighted the importance of dialogue and diplomacy, expressing India and Austria’s commitment to providing all possible assistance to promote peace.

Economic and Trade Relations

Prime Minister Modi announced plans to accelerate the Startup Bridge to connect the youth and innovative ideas of both countries. An agreement on the Mobility and Migration Partnership has also been reached, which will facilitate legal migration and the movement of skilled workforce between India and Austria.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer expressed optimism about the growth of trade with India. He stated, “Currently, the world economy finds itself in a challenging situation. At this time, India is a strong export-oriented country for Austria.” He emphasized the excellent economic and trade relations between the two countries, based on mutual trust and confidence. Nehammer noted that more than 150 Austrian businesses are currently operating in India, and he expressed hope that this number would increase, alongside Indian investments in Austria. “There is a high demand for economic cooperation, especially in renewable energy, environmental and urban technology, urban development, and infrastructure development,” he added.

This visit marks a significant step in enhancing India-Austria relations, with a focus on strategic cooperation, economic ties, and addressing global conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy.