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Furnace Blast in Hazaribagh Steel Factory Critically Injures Two Workers

S Choudhury
Furnace Blast in Hazaribagh Steel Factory Critically Injures Two Workers
Furnace Blast in Hazaribagh Steel Factory Critically Injures Two Workers

A major accident occurred at Chintapurni Steel Private Limited in Hazaribagh, where two workers were critically injured due to a furnace blast.

A major accident has occurred at Chintapurni Steel Private Limited factory, located at Fifteen Mile in Charhi police station area of Hazaribagh district. Two workers, Munna Prasad Yadav and Jitendra Kumar, were critically injured due to a furnace blast around 2:30 AM. Both have been admitted to Ranchi Dev Kamal Hospital, where they are currently undergoing treatment.

Accident Details

According to sources, Munna Prasad Yadav, son of Bhuneshwar Prasad Yadav, and Jitendra Kumar, son of Lekha Yadav, both from village Mujouli in Gaya district of Bihar, have been working as crane operators under contract for the past four years at Chintapurni Steel Private Limited. On the night of July 10, around 2:30 AM, a blast occurred in the iron melting furnace. The explosion caused severe burns to both crane operators, as the intense fire engulfed them. Their colleagues rushed them to Dev Kamal Hospital in Ranchi, where their condition remains critical. Following the incident, factory workers have gone on strike, demanding better safety measures.

Delay in Medical Response

Chaos erupted in the factory after the incident. Despite the presence of an ambulance within the factory premises, it took approximately half an hour for the injured workers to receive medical assistance. During this time, both Munna Prasad Yadav and Jitendra Kumar suffered immense pain. The delay in the ambulance’s arrival has raised serious concerns about the factory’s emergency response preparedness.

Lack of Safety Measures

Chintapurni Steel Private Limited employs around five hundred workers in its 24-hour operations. However, the safety measures in place have been found severely lacking. Workers in the furnace area are provided only with shoes and caps, whereas proper safety protocols mandate the provision of shoes, caps, safety belts, and protective clothing. The factory management has been criticized for neglecting the safety and well-being of its workers, focusing solely on productivity without adequate safety measures.

Previous Incidents

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred in Hazaribagh. In September last year, a blast at an aluminum factory in Sirsi Damodih of Katkamdag police station area resulted in the deaths of two workers. The factory operator at that time claimed the incident was caused by lightning, but villagers reported that the blast occurred while melting old aluminum in the furnace. The explosion was so severe that it caused significant damage to the factory’s roof and walls.

Call for Action

This latest incident at Chintapurni Steel Private Limited highlights the urgent need for improved safety protocols and emergency response systems in industrial units. The workers’ strike and the outcry for better safety measures must be addressed promptly to prevent future accidents and ensure the safety of all employees.

The authorities need to take stringent actions against the negligence displayed by factory management and enforce strict compliance with industrial safety standards to protect workers’ lives.