Thermal screening begins in long distance buses leaving Kolkata

Thermal screening started in long distance buses departing from Kolkata. The steps taken in the wake of Durgapur incident are about 3500 long distance buses.

3th August, 2020

Thermal screening has been started in long distance buses departing from Kolkata. Thermal screening has been made mandatory in all buses plying specifically for North Bengal. This step has been taken in the wake of Durgapur incident.

Significantly, a few days ago a person from Durgapur complained that he had become corona infected after returning from the bus of South Bengal State Transport Corporation. No one was examined before boarding the bus. According to the Transport Corporation, there are about 3,500 long-distance buses. It is not possible to arrange thermal scanners in each bus, yet they are trying as much as possible.

Thermal guns have been launched to check passengers in long distance buses departing from Kolkata. Those working in Esplanade Depot are being trained in this regard. Passengers are being boarded 30 minutes before the bus leaves. Before this the bus is being completely sanitized. Only conductors or depot personnel are scanning.

Anil Adhikari, manager of Esplanade Depot, said - 'Our employees have been trained. Also, we are appealing to the passengers not to board the bus if they see any signs of corona in themselves. Travelers are happy with the state government's move. One traveler said- 'This is a good initiative. I don't know who is the person sitting next to me? I do not know if he has any symptoms of corona? Travel comfortably with this initiative

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Pankaj Prasad