Jharkhand Coronavirus Case, Live Updates: 15, 864 Corona Infections Counted in Jharkhand, So far 145 killed

Now the number of corona infected in the state has increased to 15,864. Out of which 6,682 people have recovered and returned to their homes.

7th August, 2020

Jharkhand news, coronavirus cases, live updates: Coronavirus is spreading fast in Jharkhand, so Thursday's day was a bit fine in this respect. Because in the last 24 hours, 626 new cases of coronavirus new cases were reported, but 680 people were cured by beating this infection. In the last 24 hours, nine people (corona death toll) have died due to corona infection in the state. With this, the death toll due to corona infection has increased to 145 in the state. Now the number of corona infected in the state has increased to 15,864. Out of which 6,682 people have recovered and returned to their homes. Stay connected with us for all the updates related to Corona virus in Jharkhand…

Number of active cases is more than half

The number of corona infects in the state is 9037, which is more than half of the total number of infected. So far 6682 people have been cured of this infection.

Corona positive found sp.

The number of infected in Hazaribagh is increasing continuously. The SP of the district has also been found to be Corona positive. Along with this, four other jawans have also been found to be corona positive. The report of a famous doctor of the city has also come positive.

Contract workers affected by investigation

The work of investigation and sampling in Sadar Astal was affected by the contract workers' strike till yesterday. The Corona suspect, who came to give a sample, had to return without giving a sample. However, today the contract workers are not on strike, so the investigation in the Sadar Hospital is expected to speed up.

Ban on entry of visitors in jail

After reaching the Corona infection in eight prisons of the state, entry of visitors to all the jails has been banned. Also, guidelines have been asked to be followed by the Central Government and Health Department.

Corona also reached eight prisons of the state

Corona infection has reached eight jails of Jharkhand. So far 112 people have been found to be Corona positive, including jail personnel and security personnel. Maximum 25 jailmen have been found positive in Ranchi's Birsa Munda Jail. While 34-34 prisoners from Ranchi and Pakur have been found corona positive.

Provide the correct information after conducting the investigation

The Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi has said that all the people who come to the lab for investigation should give correct information after conducting their tests. Because the tracing of the patient is not done correctly when the test positive comes on the wrong address or phone number. In the last one month, more than 200 such cases have occurred in Ranchi due to which the district administration has a lot of difficulty in reaching a positive person.

Nine corona infected with rims

Nine coronas have also been infected with RIMS. Activities include junior doctors and RIMS employees.

11 corona infected with Shibu Soren's residence

The corona infection has also reached the residence of Shibu Sorene, the supremo of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. 11 corona infected have been found from here. They also include many security personnel. Ranchi DC has confirmed this.

680 infected in a single day

This is the first time in Jharkhand when the number of people recovering from a corona infection in a single day is more than the total positive cases that day. On Thursday, 626 patients of corona infection were found while 680 people recovered from the infection and returned to their homes.

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Rachna Kumari