Who's eyes on the film industry? These 7 stars commit suicide, Suspense continues on Sushant's death

This year many stars said goodbye but there were many who took drastic steps like suicide. So far, 7 artists have committed suicide and Sushant Singh remains suspended in the suicide case.

7th August, 2020

bollywood celebs committed suicide 2020: Who has seen the film industry? The year 2020 is nothing short of a nightmare. While the whole world is fighting a war against the corona virus, our stars are losing their lives. The industry is constantly losing many capable and best artists. This year many stars said goodbye but there were many who took drastic steps like suicide. So far, 7 artists have committed suicide and Sushant Singh remains suspended in the suicide case.

Sameer Sharma

'Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki' actor Sameer Sharma committed suicide by hanging himself in his Mumbai home on Thursday. It is being told that he had done suicide 2 days ago but the news came out on Thursday. Sameer Sharma was a famous face of TV. He made a special place in the heart of the people with his magnificent performance. He played all kinds of roles from lead role to villain. His costars and fans are not able to believe that Sameer is no longer among them.

Sushant Singh Rajput

The investigation into Sushant Singh Rajput's death is in constant discussion. The body of Sushant Singh Rajput was found in his house in Bandra on 14 June. Initial investigation by the police had revealed that the actor had committed suicide. But after the FIR against Sushant's father Riya Chakraborty (Sushant's alleged girlfriend), this case has taken a new turn. However, now the investigation into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput has reached the CBI.

Praksha Mehta

Actress Preksha Mehta Suicide, who was part of many shows including 'Crime Petrol', committed suicide by hanging herself at her house in Indore in May. She was living in Indore because of the lockdown. If her father, Ravindra Chaudhary, believes she was very upset. He felt that due to Corona, he will now find it difficult to get work in Mumbai. She was very worried about her career.

Manmeet Grewal

Troubled by lack of work and debt, Manmeet Grewal Suicide committed suicide on 16 May. Actor committed suicide in his house in Kharghar near Navi Mumbai. A police officer had said that Manjot Singh's wife made noise by seeing him hanging from the noose, but perhaps no one came to help, fearing the Corona virus epidemic.

Disha Salian

Sushant Singh Rajput's X manager Disha Salian's death has also become a puzzle. Disha died on June 8 by jumping from the 14th floor of a building. The Mumbai police had found this to be a case of suicide in the initial investigation. It was said that Disha was depressed about the work in lockdown. But now after the death of Sushant, Disha's death is being linked to the Sushant case. However, nothing is clear at the moment.

Sejal Sharma

Actress Sejal Sharma, who came to the discussion with the serial 'Dil To Happi Hai Ji', committed suicide at the beginning of the year. On 24 January, Sejal's body was found at his residence on Mira Road in Mumbai. The police also received a suicide note near the body. In this case, Police Inspector Sandeep Kadam had said that the reason for committing suicide in a suicide note from Sejal Sharma's house was stated as personal reasons. It was being said that she was in depression.

Anupama Pathak

Bhojpuri actress and TV actress Anupama Pathak, who has worked in many Bhojpuri films, committed suicide by hanging herself at her rented house in Mumbai. According to media reports, she used to be very upset with the money problem and was also suffering from a disease like cancer. He committed suicide 4 days ago on 2 August. Let me tell you that Anupama had also done Facebook Live before committing suicide in which she talked in detail about the reason behind the suicide and harassing people.

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