Health News: 5 Foods like Banana-Milk that can cause great harm to health by eating together

7th August, 2020

Health News, 5 harmful food combinations you should avoid, toxic food combinations: Usually we like to consume some foods jointly. Such as rajma-chawal or bread-butter etc. We eat these combo either as a popular food or due to taste. But, do you know that every food has its own properties and the chemicals and other nutrients found in it also differ. Actually, many combs can prove to be delicious as well as sometimes very harmful for the body.

Let us know about some popular food combinations like this

Banana and milk

Who doesn't like banana milk? Almost all of us like to mix it and eat it. However, according to experts, both banana and milk have different properties. This can cause confusion in our digestive system. Due to which our digestive system starts functioning abnormally. As is known, milk is sweet while banana is sour. This can cause infections like cough, cold, rashes and allergies. It can also prove to be very harmful for asthma patients. However, people who want to gain weight do not desist from consuming them.

Grains and juices

It has been seen many times that people also consume juice along with food during the day or night. Usually these people do it even when milk is already included in the food. However, it can prove harmful for us in some cases. This is because fruits and fruit juices are acidic, that is, acidic. Fruit juice should not be consumed when you are consuming foods like cornflax with milk. This can make the milk go into the stomach and thicken, which can later turn into a mucus-forming substance. Not only this, there is already a quantity of sugar in milk and cereals. Therefore, consuming fruit juice together can increase the amount of extra sugar in your body. Which is not right for our health.

Pizza and Soda

Pizza without soda is considered incomplete. Most of us like to have fizzy drinks or carbonated drinks with pizza. But do you know, with the carbs, protein and starch present in pizza, our body starts to demand energy for digestion. At the same time, the sugar present in soda slows down digestion further. This is the reason that excessive energy of our body gets wasted in digesting it. Which will make you feel tired.

Burgers & Fries

We eat burgers and fries together. But, have you ever thought that both are fried. Which help in making high fat in our body. Consuming them together can reduce your blood sugar level. At the same time you may feel tired and sleepy.

Tomato and Pasta

Pasta, tomato or cheese cannot be complete without sauce. But, this combo is harmful for the body. Actually, tomatoes are acidic and should not be mixed with starchy carbs like pasta. Starch digestion can cause problems due to tomato being highly acidic. According to experts, our body needs a ton of energy to digest this food.

Apart from this report published in Healthynes, many more combo are fatal for our body. But, due to being popular or tasty, we consume them without knowing their properties.

Note: The above information is based on the report published in the English website. Before leaving or adopting it, please consult the doctor or dietician who is familiar with the matter.

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