Coronavirus Live Update: More than 41 thousand people died in the country from Corona, reached 5th position in terms of death.

This rate is also higher than in the US and Brazil. These two countries are ahead of India in terms of transition. So far, more than 41 thousand people have lost their lives due to corona infection in India.

7th August, 2020

Coronavirus live update, corona in india, coronavirus case tracker: The havoc of corona virus infection is increasing in the country. The total number of corona virus cases in India has crossed 20 lakh. However the good thing is that so far 13.70 lakh people have been cured and the death rate is also decreasing. India is the third most affected country in the world in terms of infection. In the last 20 days, the infection has doubled. This rate is also higher than in the US and Brazil. These two countries are ahead of India in terms of transition. So far, more than 41 thousand people have lost their lives due to corona infection in India. India is the fifth most affected country in the world based on the death toll. Stay with us for every news related to Corona ...

Corona infection intensifies in Punjab

Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Punjab. In the last 24 hours, 20 people have died due to Corona virus infection, while 994 new cases have been registered. After the arrival of new cases, the number of people infected with Corona virus in the state so far has increased to 21520. Of these, 13659 corona patients have recovered and returned to their homes from hospitals. There are currently 8377 active patients infected with Corona Vasaras in Punjab. They are being treated in various hospitals of the state.

Mumbai: Passengers will have to stay for 14 days in Corentin

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has made it mandatory for all domestic passengers coming to the city to fly to Home Correntine for 14 days.

Corona virus vaccine found effective in mice on test

The corona vaccine of the American company Maderna has proved successful in testing on mice. In a clinical trial of a possible corona vaccine from American pharmaceutical company Moderna, tests on mice found that it protects mice from corona virus infection. The findings, published in the journal 'Nature', suggest that neutrophilizing antibodies in mice stimulated with investigational vaccine, when given as two intramuscular injections of 1-μg (MCG).

One day Corona soar for the first time

In the last 24 hours, 62538 new cases were reported in the country, due to which the number of corona cases in the country has crossed 20 lakhs. According to the government data released today, there are now a total of 20,27,075 in India, out of which 41,585 people have died.

Cases of corona virus infection may increase in Lebanon

Corona virus infection cases in Lebanon may boom. The pressure on health facilities has definitely increased after the explosion in Beirut and in such cases, there may be an increase in cases of corona virus infection. The health minister of the country has expressed this apprehension. Let me tell you that at least 137 people have been confirmed dead in the blast in Lebanon's capital Beirut on Tuesday and at present the possibility of increasing cases of corona infection has also raised concerns.

WHO said Corona's 6 vaccine in the third phase

The World Health Organization has said that the work of 6 vaccines worldwide has reached the third page. 3 of these vaccines are from China. But WHO also says that at the moment there is no guarantee that all this vaccine will succeed. 3 of these vaccines are from China. According to the WHO, 165 vaccines are currently in operation worldwide. Whose different phase trials are going on. According to WHO, at present there are 26 vaccines whose clinical trials are going on.

Corona figures cross 20 lakh, Modi government is missing

Rahul Gandhi had a tweet on 17 July, in which he said that if Corona virus spread at the same speed, more than 2 million people would be infected by 10 August. The government should take concrete and planned steps on this issue. On this issue, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted the central government on Friday morning. Rahul Gandhi wrote in tweet, 'crossed 20 lakh mark, Modi government is missing'

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