Asansol Upmeyer accuses ADDA, says no work done in five years

7th August, 2020

Tabassum Ara, Deputy Mayor of Asansol Municipal Corporation, accused his own associate department and the State Government's Statutory Authority Asansol Durgapur Development Authority (ADDA) of favoring him. Talking to journalists in his chamber of the Municipal Corporation office, Tabassum Ara said that during his tenure in the last five years, no development work was done by ADDA in his own ward 63. Even after continuously writing letters about development works, they were only rotated from one place to another. Due to which the people of his ward remained unaware of the development work of ADDA. ADDA chairman Tapas Bandhopadhyay refused to comment on the subject.

Please tell that the entire area of ​​West Burdwan district comes under the jurisdiction of ADDA. Along with various departments of the state government, ADDA also carries out all kinds of development works in its jurisdiction. For which ADDA uses the funds received from its own fund and government.

Both the people put the ball in each other's court. A letter was also written to the Mayor of Asansol Municipal Corporation regarding this subject. It was also mentioned in the letter that due to no development work of ADDA in 63 number wards, it has started to doubt whether these wards are under the jurisdiction of ADDA. Despite this, no initiative was taken.

A month and a half ago, four leaders of the district were jointly issued a show cause by the district president and the district chairman. Which also included Mrs. Ara. He was issued a show cause notice on corruption charges. He also accused party leaders of not favoring Tabassum Ara for not being invited to the drinking water project program in his area Kulti.

She has also been vocal against the mayor and has made many allegations. The factionalism in Trinamool has come to the fore with Mrs Ara accusing her party leaders and allies department of bias. His allegation may become the biggest issue for the opposition.

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Reported by:
Khushbu Kumari Jha