Top WWE Star Reportedly Re-Signing Despite Huge Offer From AEW

WWE is reportedly close to re-signing one of its biggest stars despite a very lucrative offer from AEW

8th August, 2020

WWE may not lose one of its biggest stars, after all.

According to a report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rey Mysterio will be staying with WWE following lengthy contract negotiations, although Meltzer was unable to confirm the deal has officially been signed. Meltzer notes that Mysterio has chosen to remain with WWE despite a significant financial offer from AEW that matched WWE’s “per-match offer” but not its total value because WWE’s deal is for more dates. The length of Mysterio’s new contract isn’t certain, but it’s noted by Meltzer that it will be longer than his previous 18-month deal but shorter than the typical five-year contracts many WWE stars have recently signed.

Over the past several months, Mysterio has been working without a contract following his decision to enact the opt-out clause that was a part of the previous deal he signed in the fall of 2018. Mysterio had actually been discussing a new deal with WWE as far back as last summer, and late last month, he had met with company officials in an attempt to hammer out a new deal. The biggest holdup in Mysterio’s recent contract negotiations was his request for a raise, which was subsequently rejected by Vince McMahon because of the WWE Chairman and CEO’s unwillingness to increase superstar pay amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of his uncertain contract situation, Mysterio was written off TV at last month’s The Horror Show at Extreme Rules pay-per-view, suffering a storyline eye injury at the hands of Seth Rollins in their unique Eye for an Eye gimmick match. Although Mysterio didn’t “lose an eye” as many expected, that injury was a way to keep him off TV without completely destroying his character in the event that he ultimately re-signed with WWE. Despite being unable to confirm that the deal has officially been signed, Meltzer described Mysterio’s contract situation as being “as close to official” as it could be without the deal actually being signed.

It was also noted that the push of his son Dominik played a big role in Mysterio’s decision to remain with WWE. Dominik, of course, has essentially functioned as a fill-in for Rey over the past several weeks. Initially serving as a role player in the well-booked rivalry between Rey and Rollins, Dominik is now this feud’s centerpiece, and despite being just 23 years old and yet to wrestle a match in WWE, he’s demonstrated the potential to be a stellar long-term babyface for the company. At SummerSlam, Dominik will wrestle the first—and biggest—match of his career when he faces Rollins in singles action, which, as noted by Meltzer, is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why Rey is sticking with WWE. Source: FORBES

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