IPL 2020: Players in their own separate world, will get tough punishment on exit

All players who have gone to UAE to play IPL 2020 will have to live in this world for about 80 days.

8th September, 2020

The schedule of IPL 2020 has been released. All the teams have also tightened up. The opening match of the 13th season of IPL will be played between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings on 19 September. Due to Corona, this time the IPL going to be held in the UAE will be in an empty stadium. Players, officials, support staff are all in their own separate world too. Actually all the teams had reached UAE by 22 August. All are in the bio bubble, which is their one world for about 80 days and they can be punished if they get out of this world.

Actually, the Bio Bubble has been created to organize IPL even in the fear of Corona, in which players, support staff, match officers, hotel staff, the medical team are all staying. No one is allowed to get out of this bubble. The person living in the bubble can neither meet his family nor anyone else, due to which he is completely cut off from the world.

This is how involved in bio bubble

Upon reaching Dubai for the IPL, all the players, coaches, support staff were tested corona twice. After this, all were quarantined for at least 7 days, and during this time they had a corona test 3 times. He joined the bio bubble only when the report came negative. Members are allowed to go to the grounds and hotels in this bubble. At the same time, the TV broadcast team has been kept in a separate bubble.
In the past days, 13 people in Chennai Super Kings were extended their coronation time after being corona and all of them were able to join this bubble only after the report came negative.

BCCI and all franchises are very strict about the agreement bio bubble may end in going out of the bubble. If a player breaks the rules by going out of this bubble, then some matches can also be banned. Not only this, but RCB has also clearly warned that the contract of the player who does so can be terminated.

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Reported by:
Khushbu Kumari Jha