IPL 2020: MS Dhoni took 'bravery' decision for the team, getting praise everywhere!

In fact, in view of the ongoing turmoil in Chennai Super Kings, two options were placed in front of the team before the release of IPL 2020.

8th September, 2020

One of the most successful teams of IPL 2020, Chennai Super Kings (Chennai super kings) captain MS Dhoni (ms dhoni) has taken a big and very brave decision for his team. His decision is being praised everywhere. In fact, Dhoni's team had the option of starting their campaign on 23 September instead of opening a match on 19 September in IPL 2020. According to the report of InsideSport, IPL Governing Council Chairman Brijesh Patel gave CSK the option to play the 5th match of the IPL this season, so that CSK gets more time for preparations and solve the ongoing issues in the team. But captain Dhoni declined this offer.

Opted to play against Mumbai Indians

Dhoni opted to start CSK's campaign against Mumbai Indians on the opening day of IPL. According to the news, a member of the IPL Governing Council said that we had talked to CSK before releasing the schedule. We could later schedule the first match of CSK, but they wanted to play the opening match only. Not only this, contrary to all the speculation, but Dhoni and CSK also opted for the schedule in which they have to play 3 matches in the first 6 days of the league. CSK is the only team to play 3 matches in the first week itself.

In the first week, CSK will play against Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, and Delhi Capitals. CSK is confident that they will get out of all the troubles before the opening match.

Corona was spread in the team

Actually, the Chennai Super Kings have been in the headlines for many reasons. In the first camp, 13 members got corona, then Suresh Raina suddenly returned to India, and then Harbhajan Singh also withdrew from IPL. The team has recovered from Corona, but due to Raina, the team is still in turmoil. Actually, Raina returned to India two days after the corona spread in the team. CSK gave family reasons behind his return, while team owner N Srinivasan said that he was angry at not getting the room of choice.

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Khushbu Kumari Jha