Yuvraj Singh wants to return to Indian cricket, know what is the plan of 'Sixer King'

Former all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, a veteran of the Indian team, wants to be active in Indian cricket again. Especially for Punjab, he wants to play T20 cricket.

9th September, 2020

Yuvraj Singh, one of the best all-rounders in the Indian cricket team, retired from international cricket as well as India's domestic cricket last year. After that he started playing in foreign T20 and T10 leagues. The Board of Control for Cricket in India, ie BCCI, also gave him NOC to play in foreign leagues. However, it is now coming out that Yuvraj Singh wants to return to Indian cricket. Especially in domestic cricket.

If everything goes according to plan, then Yuvraj Singh can be seen playing cricket in India again. Yuvraj Singh is planning to play at least T20 cricket for Punjab. At present, the domestic season of India has not started due to corona virus epidemic. In June 2019, Yuvraj Singh, who retired from every form of cricket, has rekindled the same passion that he has to play cricket.

Yuvraj Singh, the Player of the Tournament of the 2011 World Cup, recently spent a lot of time at the PCA Stadium in Mohali with youngsters from Punjab team Shubhaman Gill, Abhishek Sharma, Prabhasimran Singh and Anmol Preet Singh and trained him was. Now Yuvraj Singh while talking to a cricket website about his comeback said, "I enjoyed spending time with these youngsters, and after talking to them about different aspects of the game, I realized that they are doing different things Were able to understand what I was telling them. "

Yuvraj told, "I had to get into the nets to show him some other things and I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was hitting the ball. Even though I hadn't really bat for a long time , But was putting good shots in the nets. I trained him for two months, and then I started batting in the off-season camp. I scored in practice matches. Puneet Bali, who is the secretary of the Punjab Cricket Association, asked me to retire. Asked to withdraw the verdict. "

He further added, "Initially I was not sure I wanted to take this offer. I have played a lot of domestic cricket but I wanted to continue playing in other domestic franchise based leagues around the world after getting permission from BCCI, but I couldn't ignore Puneet Bali's request. I thought about it a lot, for about three or four weeks, and it was almost as if I didn't need to make a conscious decision in the end. "

Yuvraj Singh said that he got motivation by winning the championship of Punjab. Bhajji (Harbhajan Singh), I, we have won the tournament, but we never did it for Punjab. So I found it easy to take this decision. He went on to say, "Surely Shubman Gill is ready to play for India and it seems to me that the other three players also have the stamina that Shubman Gill has. If I am in his development and the development of Punjab Cricket Association If I can help someone, it will be good. After all, I have played international cricket playing for Punjab. "

Yuvraj Singh has sent an e-mail to the Board of Control for Cricket in India, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, and Secretary Jai Shah about his return after his retirement that he wants to play for Punjab for the next few seasons. In this letter, Yuvraj Singh has also confirmed that if he is allowed, he will not like to play in foreign leagues again. Yuvraj Singh is yet to get a reply from the BCCI in this matter. Yuvraj has said that if allowed, I will only play T20 cricket, but who knows, let's see.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad