NEP 2020: PM Modi will talk to teachers across the country today on the implementation of new education policy in school

According to the Ministry of Education, the education festival has been organized to implement the national education policy and to reach it to all the responsible people.

11th September, 2020

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the changes in school education through national education policy to teachers across the country. The Ministry of Education has organized a two-day conference to reach the education policy to the schools. Which started on Thursday. In which teachers and principals from across the country joined the virtual and spoke.

According to the Ministry of Education, in order to implement the National Education Policy and make it accessible to all the responsible people, the 'Education Festival' has been organized. This festival will last from eight to 25 September. During this time, more and more virtual conferences and webinars about the policy are to be organized. All educational institutions and universities have also been given the responsibility for this.

PM Modi has addressed the governors and education ministers of the states

PM Modi has already addressed the conference of the governors and education ministers of the states on the national education policy on September 7. In which he gave the complete roadmap of implementation of education policy. Also said that a more flexible approach should be adopted regarding its implementation.

Conclusion will be held for two days of discussion

The PM has already spoken about the implementation of the National Education Policy on several occasions earlier. However, it is also different in the events held so far, because they include the grassroots team who implement the policy. This is the reason why this conference is organized for teachers. PM will address the event with a virtual conference. During this, the conclusion of the discussion of two days of the conference will also be placed before the PM.

It is worth mentioning that according to the officials associated with the ministry, the discussion with all the stakeholders about the implementation of education policy has been started, the purpose behind this is that there should be no confusion about the policy. This discussion will be held at different stages throughout September.

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Pankaj Prasad