Hero Lectro: electric bicycle launched in India, will run 25km in single charge, know all its features

The Hero Lectro electric bicycle has been introduced in three trims- Commuter (Fitness) and Leisure (Leisure).

14th September, 2020

The market for electric vehicles in the country is slowly gaining its footing. Where companies are constantly introducing electric cars and scooters. At the same time, Hero Lectro has introduced a new series of smart and futuristic electric bicycles in India. Which is produced at the company's Global Design Center in Manchester, UK. Let me tell you, this e-bicycle is present in three trim-Commuter (Fitness), Fitness (Fitness) and Leisure (Leisure).

Bluetooth can connect smartphones to: Hero Lectro introduced this bicycle on the occasion of World EV Day. In which the facility of smartphone connectivity through Bluetooth is also provided. Aditya Munjal, director of Hero Cycles and Lectro E-Mobility Pvt Ltd, said, "Through a range of offerings such as commuter bikes, fitness bikes and fun bikes, the new Lectro range will meet the varying needs of customers. These smart e-bicycles are designed to create the interface between our mobile and our electric bike. "

Information about these features will be found: Where the commuter range on one side is better for short and medium distance trips. At the same time, the fun series has been described for leisure riding. With this, a fitness series has been made keeping in mind the people who care about fitness. In which ISmart feature or Bluetooth connectivity gives riders with real-time information about speed, maps, battery charge, mode, distance to be emptied and the ride taken in history.

This e-bike uses a lithium-ion battery and smart EDU, which allows the rider to ride in four different modes. These include regular pedal to comfort, paddle with electric boost, paddle to glide, and cruise to maintain a constant speed of around 6 km/hr.

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Pankaj Prasad