Rajasthan: Salman Khan ordered to appear in court on 28 September

The District and Sessions Court of Jodhpur has ordered Bollywood actor Salman Khan to appear in court on 28 September.

14th September, 2020

Salman Khan: The District and Sessions Court of Jodhpur on Monday ordered Bollywood actor Salman Khan to appear in court on September 28 in the Blackbuck Hunting and Arms Act case. A hearing was held on this matter in Jodhpur on Monday, which remained incomplete. After this, the court has ordered Salman to appear in the court on the next hearing to be held on September 28. Judge Raghavendra Kachhwaha heard in the district and session court of Jodhpur. Where Advocate Hastimal Saraswat appeared on behalf of Salman. In this case, Salman's presence in the past was granted amnesty. Salman was acquitted on the basis of suspicion of possessing arms across period (expiry date license).

Against this, an appeal was presented by the government in the court of District Sessions District Jodhpur Judge, on which the hearing was pending. At the same time, Salman Khan was sentenced by Jodhpur CJM Rural Court for five years in the Kankani deer hunting case. After this, Salman had to go to jail in this case. In the same case, an appeal was sent to Salman on behalf of the District and Sessions Court, seeking the cancellation of this sentence. At the same time, a false testimony of a forest department official related to the same case is also to be heard in the case. A date for September 28 has been set regarding this. The court ordered Salman to appear on the next hearing, saying that he would start a debate in the case.

Attendance forgiveness option is open

The Kakani Deer Hunting in Salman Khan's Jodhpur and the Arms Act case is open to the option of attendance waiver. However, Salman has already appeared in the presence of amnesty several times, while several times have also appeared in court after court orders. At the same time, the situation is not clear yet about Salman's presence in view of the rising outbreak of Corona. In 2008, during the shooting of the film Hum Saath Saath Hain, Salman was accused of hunting deer, since then the case is going on continuously in CJM Rural Court of Jodhpur.

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Pankaj Prasad