India China Border News: Nepal's economy has gone trough close to China, now look at India

Getting close to China is worsening Nepal for relations with India. Nepal is now looking towards India to recover its economy.

15th September, 2020

Nepal's economic structure based on tourism business has collapsed due to Corona. The hotels there have been deserted since last March. The source of income of the majority of Nepal's people who live by paying guests is also closed.

It is also impacting Nepal's DGP. According to the report of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), if the situation remains the same, the GDP of the country may fall from 7.10 percent to 6.3 percent. Its clear effect is being seen in the cities of Nepal's Bellahiyan, Bhairahwan, Lumbini, Butwal, Navalparasi, bordering Maharajganj. Human trafficking in the name of jobs has intensified due to increasing unemployment in Nepal. After the border is sealed, smugglers are sending women, women and children to India via footpath. Their network is spread from Delhi to Kathmandu. Within a month, security agencies have become alert when more than 10 cases are reported in the district.

Nepali girls being sold at orchestral operators

Nepal's women are being brought to various cities in India in the name of getting jobs. Through footpaths, they are being entered in India and transported to cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. The women who are not able to reach the metros, are being sold by the agents to the orchestral operators of the border area. This was revealed on August 31 by two Nepalese women who were freed from the house of an orchestral operator at Baluvahi Dhus in the district. Sagir Ahmed, in charge of Anti Human Trafficking, said that the teenager was brought from Nepal and sold in India. He has been freed and taken to Nepal.

Nepali girl told pain by making video viral

In the district's Kolhui town, a Nepali girl agent was sold by the orchestral operator. A week ago, when she was pushed into the sex trade business, the woman went viral and told her her pain. After the case was exposed, the police freed him and sent him to Nepal.

Crisis due to decrease in tourist numbers

During this period of Karona, the number of tourists in Nepal has stopped. This year, only 177675 foreign tourists have visited Nepal in eight months. This figure is much lower than in previous years. According to Nepal Tourism Board, 11.7 lakh foreign tourists visited Nepal in the year 2019. The maximum number of 15.2 lakh tourists visited in 2018. The maximum of these 2,09,611 were Indians. China came in second place. The number of tourists from China was 1,69,543.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Maharajganj, Investment Katiyar said that vigilance is being done along the border in view of human trafficking. Instructions have been given to policemen to keep an eye on footpaths. Human trafficking will be curbed by coordinating with all security agencies.

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Pankaj Prasad