Clone Trains: Railways will run 40 clone trains from September 21, know how much the fare is and when ticket booking will start

Railways are running 40 more trains from Monday. It has been decided to run 19 pair trains clone and one pair Jan Shatabdi.

16th September, 2020

In view of the huge demand of passengers, Indian Railways has decided to run 40 more trains for some special rail routes. Out of this, 19 pairs will be special clone trains, while one pair will be running Jan Shatabdi trains. The operation of these trains will start from the next Monday i.e. September 21. According to the railways, out of the 20 pairs of clone trains running from September 21, most are going to Bihar and coming back from there.

The highest demand for running trains is coming from those areas from where migrant workers want to return to industrial cities for their employment. These include the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi and South, between which clone trains are being started.

According to the railways, all these trains will be charged the same fare that has been taken in their original trains. Jan Shatabdi train will run between Lucknow and Delhi. Advance reservation and booking of tickets in all these trains will start 10 days before they start operating.

The proposed clone trains will run from Saharsa, Rajgir, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Rajendra Nagar and Katihar in Bihar to Delhi, while Patna to Ahmedabad, Chhapra to Surat, Darbhanga to Ahmedabad, Danapur to Secunderabad and Bangalore in Bihar. Similarly, several trains will run between Banaras, Ballia and Lucknow to Delhi in Uttar Pradesh which will run through the middle stations while clone trains will run between Amritsar to Jayanagar, Jalpaiguri and Bandra.

List of trains run by railway

- 10 trains will operate between Bihar and Delhi under East Central Railway. These trains will run and end there at Saharsa, Rajendra Nagar, Rajgir, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

Two trains running under Northeast Frontier Railway are also from Bihar. Katihar to Delhi and Delhi to Katihar.

- Under Northern Railway will run 10 trains which will run between Delhi and Bihar. It will operate trains between West Bengal to Delhi, Punjab to West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh to Delhi.

- Two trains will run between Danapur (Bihar) to Secunderabad under South Central Railway.

- South Western Railway will run 6 trains between Goa and Delhi, Karnataka-Bihar and Karnataka-Delhi.

- Western Railway will run 10 trains between Bihar, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad