COVID-19 update: RIMS doctors are under threat, Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap became Corona positive

Jharkhand COVID-19 Update: RIMS Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap has appealed to the people who have come in contact in the last 5 days to get the corona test (COVID-19 Test) done.

17th September, 2020

Ranchi On Wednesday, the 6th phase of the corona investigation campaign started with Rapid Antigen Kit in 11 districts of Jharkhand, in which corona examination of about 50 thousand people was done on the first day. Whereas RIMS Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap was found to be Corona positive (COVID-19), the corona investigation report of Minister Alamgir Alam, MLA Naveen Jaiswal and Amit Mandal has been negative in the investigation conducted before the Assembly session. It may be known that the report of Corona investigation conducted four days earlier by RIMS Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap came negative, but on Wednesday morning when he felt that he could not recognize the smell and taste, he swabbed his swab once again. Laboratory sent for investigation, whose report has come up positive.

After the report, now the Director of RIMS, including the HOD of several departments, is being told the possibility of contacting a large number of doctors. Dr. Vivek Kashyap was in a very active role as Cormes Superintendent of RIMS. Every day a meeting with the Corona Task Force, Dr. Vivek Kashyap who is meeting with the HOD is likely to come in contact. According to an expectation, more than 100 people have come in the primary contact of the Superintendent, which is being identified.

 Appeal for corona investigation

Dr. Vivek Kashyap has appealed to those coming in contact in the last five days to isolate themselves and investigate the corona. With this, he has isolated himself in his house . The RIMS Superintendent told that as of now there are no symptoms, so they will remain at home.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alamgir Alam Corona Negative

The monsoon session of the assembly begins on September 18. Earlier, all the MLAs, minister, assembly personnel, office bearers, all departmental officers, journalists would be allowed to enter the assembly only after the corona investigation report came negative. Therefore, in the Special Investigation Camp held in the Assembly on Wednesday, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alamgir Alam, BJP MLA Naveen Jaiswal, Amit Mandal conducted a corona investigation in which their report has come negative.

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Reported by:
Maharanee Kumari