Gwalior went from Scooty to Godda, Dhananjay and Soni returned to Ranchi from the flight; Told the helpers- thank you

Dhananjay and Soni, who decided from Godda to Gwalior on scooty to take the exam from Godda to Gwalior, returned to Ranchi today. The couple, who traveled 1200 km from two-wheelers, shared the story of the struggle.

17th September, 2020

Ranchi On Wednesday, when Dhananjay Hansda, a resident of Godda, arrived at Ranchi airport with his wife Soni Hembram, the media surrounded him. The couple, who turned out to be ordinary celebrities due to their struggle, thanked the helpers after returning to Ranchi. Also shared his entire story with the media. Dhananjaya said that even though he himself has studied up to class VIII, he understands the importance of education in life. After traveling in a two-wheeler (Godda to Gwalior) from Godda to Gwalior, he said that it was not possible to do a private car due to financial constraints in the Coronakal (COVID-19 era). Dhananjay Hansda, who lives in his in-law's house in Godda,

shared the story at the airport

On August 28, he left for Gwalior from Scooty to get his pregnant wife tested. After much struggle and troubles, both of them reached their destination on the afternoon of 30 August. After completing the journey of about 1200 km from Scooty, the couple had a lot of trouble in Gwalior for 2 days, but later on seeing their struggle and passion, the Gwalior administration and the local people helped them. Dhananjay told that his stay was arranged in Gwalior. Dhananjay said that he did not have so much money that private cars would do. Corona from the top is a period of transition, so it was even more difficult. So both of them had decided to go from Scooty to Gwalior.

In Gwalior from September 1 to 11, Dhananjay's pregnant wife Soni Hembram took the second semester examination of Diploma in Elementary Education. Meanwhile, the story of the couple's struggle reached many big corporate houses through the media. After this, the Adani Group, the country's leading industrial group, announced the sending of Dhananjay and Sony by flight to Ranchi.
Arrangements were also made for cars from Ranchi to Godda

Dhananjay said that the company not only sent him to Ranchi, but also arranged for a car to reach Godda from here. After reaching Ranchi, both of them thanked all the helpers found during this struggle. Dhananjay thanked those arranging from his stay in Gwalior to his return home. Eighth pass Dhananjay said that he considers education worth. Perhaps this was the reason that he was able to do the courageous job of traveling 1200 km from Scooty from Godda to Gwalior. He said that this journey was even more difficult for his pregnant wife, but Soni also supported him fully.

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Raj Nandani Jha