Indian Railways told the specialty of 'clone trains', these special 40 trains are starting from today

The official said that their stay would be confined to the operational halts or divisional headquarters (if any) en route which would reduce the travel time.

21st September, 2020

A senior railway official said on Sunday that passengers on the waiting list on high traffic routes through 40 clone (other trains like the original train) trains are being introduced by the railway from Monday, two to three hours on their floor compared to the original train Can expect to arrive earlier.

The official said that these cloned trains, mainly of air-conditioned third class, with less stoppage, higher speed and earlier departure time than the original train, are especially beneficial for passengers who have to plan for any emergency reason or last minute travel. is. The official said that their stay would be confined to the 'operational halt' or divisional headquarters (if any) en route, which would reduce travel time.

A senior official said, 'We are assuming that during this time people will travel only for emergency needs and we want to make sure that on high traffic routes we can accommodate all the passengers who want to travel .

Fare will be charged equal to Humsafar Express

Railways have started 20 pairs of trains on high demand routes, mostly between Bihar, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Out of these, the ticket fare for 19 pairs of trains with 18 coaches will be equal to Humsafar Express, while the fare for 22 compartments clone train running between Lucknow-Delhi will be equal to Janshatabdi Express. Railways said that the advance booking of these trains will be for 10 days and the booking has started from 8 am on September 19.

Regarding concessional tickets in special trains, the Railway Ministry has clarified that in view of students, four categories of PwDs and Corona, no concessional tickets will be issued except for 11 categories of patients in terms of health. But the disabled, cancer victims, Thalassemia sufferers, heart and kidney patients, senior citizens, media etc. will continue to get concessional tickets.

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Pankaj Prasad