Taj Mahal Unlocked: The doors of Taj and Fort opened, Shubham of Delhi visit there first

Both monuments closed on March 17 due to Corona infection. Adherence to standard operating procedure issued by ASI.

21st September, 2020

For 188 days, the locks for the tourists at the doors of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort opened from Monday. After the lockdown of Mohabbat's tomb, Shirdham was the first tourist from Didar Delhi. They reached the western gate of the Taj Mahal at 5: 39 in the morning and at exactly 5: 40, they saw the marble marble crown. A few minutes later, Chinese tourist Liang Chiang entered the east gate. Tourism businessmen, who had been depressed for six months after the opening of the Vishwadaya Smarak, hoped to return to beauty. Both memorials were closed on 17 March due to Corona virus infection. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is being followed.

On March 17, ASI closed the nationwide monuments on the instructions of the Ministry of Culture. All the monuments except the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort were opened on September 1, after getting the permission of the district administration. The Taj Mahal and Agra Fort also opened on Monday. According to ASI SOP, arrangements are being made to follow the physical distance in both the monuments. A maximum of five thousand tourists a day and two and a half thousand tourists will get admission in the Taj Mahal. The ticket windows at the monuments are closed and entry is being given only through online tickets.

Tourism will depend on Indian tourists

The International Flight and Tourist Visa Service has not started yet. Most of the trains are also running closed. In this situation, Indian tourists are coming here from nearby districts.

Book tickets like this

Tourists can book tickets online from ASI's Agra Circle website www.asiagracircle.nic.in or www.asipayumoney.com. Tickets can also be booked by online QR code scanning at monuments.

This is according to SOP

- Ticket windows on monuments are closed. Entry by online ticket only.

All payments, including parking, are being made through digital payments.

- It is mandatory for tourists to follow physical distance and apply face mask.

Thermal screening of tourists will be done before entering the memorial. Only those without symptoms will be able to enter.

- Details of all tourists are being entered in the register on monuments.

-Teachers are instructed to stay away from walls and railings.

Instructions are to put them in dustbin, cover of water, water bottle, tissue paper etc.

- Access to any interior part of the ASI monument is barred.

-Group photography is not allowed in the memorial.

- Only licensed license guides can enter the memorial with tourists.

-The photographers in Tajmahal are divided into four groups, leaving the number of photographers a day.

- Only five tourists are being given entry to the main mausoleum at Taj Mahal.

In the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, the guidelines of the Central Government and the SOP of the Department are being ensured. Tourists must follow the physical distance law and wear masks.

-Vasant Kumar Swarnakar, Superintending Archaeologist

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad