UNEP made 17-year-old Khushi Chindalia of Surat its 'Green Ambassador' in India

Khushi Chindalia becomes India's 'Green Ambassador' contributing to environmental protection.

23th September, 2020

17-year-old Khushi Chindaliya from Surat has been appointed as Regional Ambassador by the United Nations Environment Program Tunza Eco-Generation due to his unwavering love for the environment. Khushi, who is just 17 years old, has been named India's 'Green Ambassador' for her contribution to the conservation of the environment.

17-year-old from Surat, Khushi applied online to the United Nations Environment Program to express her views on protecting the environment. Impressed by his views, Khushi has been made the Regional Ambassador of India. She says, "One must be proactive towards protecting the environment, I appeal to everyone to spread awareness to keep it safe."

Between the lockdown and the Corona epidemic, Khushi, the daughter of textile merchant Basant Chindalia and Astro Vastu counselor Binita, has spent all her time working on the environment. Khushi will work on her awareness plan online as it is not possible to go out at the moment. This month he will share the report and discuss what the government does for the environment and how education is helpful in this area. Khushi has spent most of her life working on the environment. Khushi will work with TEG on various awareness programs till February 2021. Crucially, Khushi is one of the 100 youths in India whose essays will be featured in a UNESCO book.

Khushi says that she loves nature and this love has inspired her to work for the environment. She had earlier lived in the New Citylight area where many birds are sheltered on the chiku tree but due to the concrete jungle, the birds' houses are falling apart. If all the youth of India work together for the environment, then India can also get priority in the work of environmental protection.

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Pankaj Prasad