PM Modi said, Focus will have to be increased on effective testing, tracing, treatment, surveillance and clear messaging

Amidst growing cases of coronavirus, PM Narendra Modi today reviewed a virtual meeting of the situation of corona in seven states.

23th September, 2020

Amidst growing cases of coronavirus, PM Narendra Modi today reviewed a virtual meeting of the situation of corona in seven states. Chief Ministers of States and Health Ministers were present in it.

PM Modi said that India has ensured the supply of life saving medicines in the world even in difficult times. In such a situation, medicines easily reach from one state to another, we have to see it together.

The PM said that effective testing, tracing, treatment, surveillance and clear messaging, we have to increase our focus further. Effective messaging is also necessary because most infections are without symptoms. Rumors begin to fly. It starts raising doubts in the mind of the common man that testing is not bad at all. Not only this, some people also make the mistake of underestimating the severity of infection.

The PM said that every state should look at how effective they are in preventing corona, which is a local lockdown of 1-2 days. Is it because of this that there is a problem in starting economic activities in your state because of this? I urge all states to think seriously about this.

PM Modi said that the facilities related to corona treatment have been developed in the past months, it is helping us a lot in combating corona. Now we have to strengthen the infrastructure related to Corona, which is our health-connected, tracking-tracing network, and also to train them better.

The PM said that he would not win over Corona unless we take precautions everyday. It has been understood from past experiences that the movement of goods and services from one state to another has caused unnecessary disturbance to ordinary citizens. There is no lack of oxygen but coordination between states is very important. So that life can be protected.

PM Modi said that these days more than 10 lakh tests are being done every day. The lockdown that we did in the beginning got many benefits. The world appreciated it but now we have to focus on micro containment zone. Sometimes rumors start flying. People have doubts in their mind that testing is not bad.

On this occasion, PM Modi said that there are more than 700 districts in the country, but the big figures of Corona are in only 60 districts, that too in 7 states. The Chief Ministers are suggested to make a 7-day program and give 1 hour per day. Talk directly to the people of 1-2 blocks of 1 district every day in a virtual way. We have to continue the demonstration of restraint, compassion, dialogue and cooperation that the country has shown in this Corona period. Along with the fight against infection, now we have to move forward with full force on the economic front.

Most of the cases and deaths from corona in the country are in these seven states. It is concentrated in seven states: Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Punjab. There is a need for better management of hospitals ranging from increasing the number of testing in these states to speed up the infection of Corona and prevent deaths from it.

The highest number of cases in these seven states

In seven states where Prime Minister Modi will review the situation of Corona, 63 percent of the total active cases of the country are concentrated in these. 65.5 percent of the total corona cases reported in the country so far and 77 percent of the deaths due to this are limited in these states. In Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, there has been a decrease in new cases of corona on an average per day in the last one week, but in Punjab and Delhi it is increasing. Similarly, Maharashtra, Punjab and Delhi have more than 2 percent mortality rate, which is much higher than the national average of 1.6 percent. In these seven states, except Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, the positive rate is higher than the national average.

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Pankaj Prasad