HSSC's gritty, case reached high court due to incorrect questions asked in PTI recruitment exam in Haryana

In the PTI recruitment examination of Haryana Staff Selection Commission, the wrong answer to questions is being corrected. The case has reached the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The results of the examination have been demanded to be canceled.

3th October, 2020

There were about a dozen questions in the examination held on August 23 for the recruitment of PTI teachers in Haryana, whose wrong answers were considered correct in the answer key. This has led to the disgrace of the Haryana Staff Selection Commission . The case has reached the Punjab and Haryana High Court. A petition has been filed demanding that the results of the PTI recruitment examination be canceled. The High Court has then issued a notice to HSSC asking how it declared the result of the examination without removing any discrepancies.

High Court asked- How to declare the result without removing the discrepancies in the answer key of the written examination

The petition filed in the High Court stated that an objection was filed before the Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) in this regard to correct the discrepancies in the answer key of the written examination. Despite this, the Commission has not yet taken cognizance of that. Making this the basis, the petition has sought to cancel the declared result of PTI recruitment examination.

Kurukshetra resident Pawan Kumar and others have filed a petition in the High Court challenging the result of PTI teacher recruitment. Jasbir Mor, counsel for the petitioner, told the bench that the commission had declared the results of the examination taken on 23 August, on 24 September. The Bench was told that before announcing the results, the Commission had sought objections by uploading only 90 questions on the Key Keys website instead of a total of 100 questions. The petitioners, while registering objections to the questions, had also raised the question as to why the answer key 90 was released when a hundred questions were asked in the examination. Why the answer key to the hundred questions was not released.

According to the petition, following this objection, the commission removed the answer key from the website. After this, the commission declared the result. Peacock told the bench that there are a dozen questions asked by the Commission in the examination, whose answers are considered correct by the Commission, while in fact their answers are different. That is, the wrong answers have been kept correct by the Commission in the answer key and in view of this, the result has been declared. Peacock told the bench that there is a question 'where was the Khelo India Women's Hockey League', the answer has been accepted by the Commission as A-New Delhi. The correct answer is D.

In one such question, 'Which year has been India's Olympic Golden Year', which has been considered by the Commission as B-1996, while India did not get any medal that year. Yachty has given the correct answer as 1952, because it was the first Olympics of independent India and in hockey also India got gold and bronze in wrestling. Another question is which national highway is Bahadurgarh situated on? The correct answer is, NH 9, but the Commission considered it as NH ten.

One such wrong question which was from English grammar was asked. This question was asked by the Central Staff Selection Commission in the year 2017 in SSC examination. He was copied here, but the Haryana Staff Selection Commission did not check before copying that the commission had to give grace marks in lieu of that wrong question.

One such question, in which the Commission has said that the kharif crop is harvested in October and November, while the correct answer should be September and October. Peacock told the bench that there were a lot of questions to which the candidates objected, but declared the result without removing their objections.

High court orders commission to include all petitioners in interviews

Surprising after hearing the petition, the High Court directed the Commission to include all the petitioners in the interview and preserve their result. Along with this, objections raised on questions should be redressed and given to them. The Commission should also explain why the answer key of 90 was issued instead of the first 100 and how it was removed and declared the result without removing the objection of the candidates.

Will consult law experts, will answer again

In this regard, Chairman of Haryana Staff Selection Commission Bharat Bhushan Bharti says that experts and team prepare the questions of examination to be taken by the Commission. In this regard, he will go into depth in the matter and get it investigated. There will also be talks with legal experts of the commission. The Commission has not yet received the guidelines of the High Court. After getting them, they will be studied. He will be in a position to say something only after the opinion of law experts.

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Pankaj Prasad