Hathras Gangrape Case: 'No entry' of leader and media in victim's village, CM Yogi said - will give such punishment to the culprits, which will become an example

Hathras gangrape scandal, the police have put a barricade on the boundaries of the victim's village. Police is preventing opposition leaders and media personnel from going to the victim's village.

3th October, 2020

 In the Hathras gangrape scandal, the police have put a barricade on the boundaries of the victim's village. Police is preventing opposition leaders and media personnel from going to the victim's village. The administration says that no leader and media will be allowed to enter that village of Hathras until the investigation by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted to investigate the alleged gang rape case is completed. Prakash Kumar, Additional Superintendent of Police, Hathras said that, "Given the current situation, political representatives or media personnel will not be allowed to enter the village until the SIT completes its investigation."

TMC MP shocks

Meanwhile, a TMC delegation left for Hathras. They were stopped at the border of Hathras district. During this push, TMC MP Derek O'Brien fell down. Here, the Additional SP said that the media has been stopped till the investigation of the SIT. At the same time, CM Yogi said that only the idea of ​​destroying the honor of the mothers and sisters in the state is sure to eradicate the total. All of them will get such punishment, which will set an example in future.


  • No entry of opposition and media in victim's village, Yogi said - will punish the culprits, which will become an example

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At the same time, there is anger in the country after the death of Hathras gang-rape victim. There is also political mercury from Lucknow to Delhi. On Friday, the police lathi-charged the SP workers protesting in the UP capital Lucknow. In Hazratganj area, the police tried to stop the SP workers going to sit on a silent fast in protest against the Hathras incident. When they did not stop, they lathi-charged and did not let them go any further.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Yogi suspended SP Vikrant Veer, DSP Ram Shabad, the then in-charge Inspector Dinesh Kumar Verma, Senior Sub-Inspector Jagvihar Singh, Head Muharrir Mahesh Pal on Friday evening's SIT report for negligence and laxity in the case. has given. In this case, instructions have been given for narco test of all the accused. At the same time, opposition parties, including Congress, are adamant on demanding the CM's resignation as inadequate.

Uttar Pradesh administration landed on the rage

The Uttar Pradesh administration has gone on the rampage to hide the truth. Neither we nor the media were allowed to meet the victim's family and neither are they allowed to come out. Harassment and vandalism with family members from above. No Indian can support such behavior.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader

Rahul Gandhi treated 'gang rape with democracy'

No one can support the way Rahul Gandhi was abused. The way the police behaved by holding their collar. They have been pushed and thrown on the ground, it is very condemnable. This is gang rape with democracy.

Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena leader

Stopping the media wrong, let the family meet

The image of the BJP and the UP government has been damaged due to the suspicious action of the UP Police. People from media and political parties should be allowed to meet the victim's family. The way the police have laid siege to the victim's family, it raises apprehensions.

Uma Bharti, BJP leader

Brother said - We were taken hostage, mobile was also taken away

Hathras victim's brother has said that his mobile phone has been switched off by the police in the village. He has come out of the house on the way to the fields and has run out. He said that the householders want to talk to the media, but they have been imprisoned in the house. Everyone's mobiles have been taken away and his tau is kicked on the chest.

Panchayat of 12 village people in favor of accused

Panchayats of people of 12 villages were held on Friday regarding the Hathras case. In this panchayat, people raised a demand from the accused's side that the entire case be investigated by the CBI. At the same time, the narco test of the accused and the people of the daughter's side should be done, so that the reality can be revealed.

Former BJP MLA claims- mother and brother murdered daughter:

Former BJP MLA Rajvir Singh Pehalwan has blamed family members for the girl's murder. He alleged that the girl was killed by her brother and mother. The four youths are innocent and have been implicated.

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Reported by:
Rachna Kumari