Even after the Corona crisis, school children will continue studying online

According to the experts of NCERT, who are engaged in preparing the new curriculum framework for schools, then the schools will have enough time for the other activities of the schools to take 40 percent of their courses online.

13th October, 2020

In the Corona crisis, the campaign to teach home-based school children online may have been tried as an option, but they are not going to lose their connection further. Currently, about 40 percent of the course will be taught online to school children from class VI to XII. The NCERT is also busy designing a similar curriculum for the new curriculum being prepared for schools.

Preparing to teach forty percent of the course online even after the Corona crisis

This emphasis is also being given to online education in schools, because it will take time to connect school children with other activities. Which was not possible at present due to the heavy burden of the course. This is the reason why the new curriculum framework for schools is being implemented after the introduction of National Education Policy, it is being emphasized that more and more children should be associated with such activities in schools, which will help their development. Could.

NCERT engaged in designing new syllabus accordingly

According to the experts of NCERT, who are engaged in preparing the new curriculum framework for the schools, if 40 percent of the course is being studied online, children in schools will have enough time for other activities. In which they can be linked to arts, sports, vocational, language and skills etc. according to the need of the 21st century.

NCERT, which is busy preparing new syllabus for schools, is currently trying to identify which material from the sixth to twelfth course can be taught online. So that it can be prepared in a more interesting way from now itself. Currently, it is targeted to prepare this new curriculum for schools by 2022. Meanwhile, the National Cariculum Framework for school curriculum is being prepared under the National Education Policy. Which is currently targeted to be ready by the end of this year. Later school text books will be prepared on the basis of this.

Emphasis on making online content interesting

Meanwhile, under the plan to promote online education in schools, the first attempt is to make the text content interesting. This is the reason why experts have been asked to work on it prominently. This is also because in the feedback which has been received for online studies in the last six months, the students were complaining about the course material. Which either did not come in time, or seemed boring.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad