Divya Dutta On Tanishq Ad: Divya Dutta gave voice to advertisement, said this when off air

Actress Kangana Ranot also described the way the advertisement was shown to be flawed.

13th October, 2020

After the controversy in social media, Tanishq has turned the ad off air. Actress Divya Dutta expressed regret over the controversy, who lent her voice to the advertisement.

Let me tell you that there was a lot of ruckus in the social media about the 43 second advertisement of the jewelery brand Tanishq. Boycott continued to be a Tanishq trend on Tuesday. The advertisement showed the pregnant daughter-in-law of a Muslim family being given a baby shower, which in Hindu customs is called baby shower.

The daughter-in-law asks that this ritual is not done in your home, to which the mother-in-law answers that the daughters have a happy ceremony in every household. The ad features Divya Dutta's voiceover. When a Twitter user confirmed this to them, Divya told that it is her voice. Sadly, that has been turned off air. I liked it.

Actress Kangana Ranot also termed the way the advertisement was shown to be flawed. Kangana wrote - There was no problem in its concept as much as the way of showing it. The tolerated Hindu girl expresses her gratitude to her in-laws for pleading that her recognition was valued. Isn't she the lady of that house? Why does she deserve his kindness? Why is she so scared and scared? Embarrassing.

In another tweet, Kangana wrote to the creators of the advertisement giving them the title of creative terrorists - being Hindus, we need to be very careful with these creative terrorists, who are trying to penetrate our minds. We must exclude, debate and evaluate the outcome of an assumption. This is the only way to save civilization.

There was a debate in social media about this advertisement. Some were praising its monotonic sentiment and some were calling it an example of love jihad and fake secularism.

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Pankaj Prasad