4 people, including father and son, died due to suffocation in septic tank in Garhwa, Jharkhand

On Wednesday, four people died of suffocation in a septic tank in Garhwa district.

14th October, 2020

In Garhwa district of Jharkhand, four people died of suffocation in a septic tank on Wednesday. The incident took place in Dumarsota village under Kandi police station in the district. After getting the information, the police has left for the scene.

Four workers died of suffocation while opening a septic tank setting near Akhilesh Dubey's house near Kandi police station around 11 am on Wednesday. All the workers are residents of Doomarsota village in Kandi police station area. The dead include Mithilesh Kumar Mehta 40 years and his son Nagendra Kumar Mehta 20 years, Anil Kumar Mehta 35 years and Praveen Kumar Mehta 33 years.

A crowd of people gathered at the scene.

In protest against the said incident, the angry villagers have blocked the Kandi Garhwa main road by burning tires on the middle road near the primary health sub-center. According to the information, all the laborers entered inside the tank to open the setting of the newly constructed septic tank of Akhilesh Dubey. As soon as the workers entered the tank, all the workers stunned and fell inside.

The colleagues of these laborers created a noise on seeing this, so with the help of the people around them, all the workers were taken out and brought to Kandi Primary Health Center for first aid. Due to the absence of a doctor in the health center, all the laborers were sent by private vehicle to the community health center in the middle. Here, after investigation, all four were declared dead by Dr. Shamsher Singh.

After getting information about this, the workers' relatives and the villagers of Doomarsota got angry and blocked the road in Kandi from 12 noon. However, the Kandi police team is busy trying to pacify the people by reaching the spot with force. But until one o'clock in the day the police could not get success in it.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad