Dinesh Karthik made a big disclosure on the final of Nidahas Trophy, because of which he was angry

Dinesh Karthik was sent after Vijay Shankaragainst Bangladesh in the final of the Nidahas Trophy.

15th October, 2020

In the final of the Nidahas Trophy 2018 against Bangladesh, Dinesh Karthik came out to bat when India lost their five wickets for 133 runs and needed 34 runs to win in the final two overs and the pressure was completely Was on India. However, wicketkeeper batsman Dinesh Karthik did a brilliant job scoring 22 runs off the bowling of Rubail Hussain in the 19th over.

India had to score five runs off the last ball to win, and Karthik gave India the victory by hitting a six over extra cover. The team captain at the time was Rohit Sharma and sent Vijay Shankar to bat before Dinesh Karthik. Now in an event, Karthik said, "At first I was ready to bat at No-5, but Rohit Sharma said that I will go to bat at No-6. So I was happy with it too."

Karthik said, "I was quite confident about it that I would go to bat at No. 6. In such a situation I could see the gap between the remaining balls and the runs, but when the fourth wicket fell I would bat I was about to field, but then Captain Rohit Sharma said that Vijay Shankar should go for batting. So at that time I was very disappointed and angry, but obviously you cannot question the captain. I call it But there was definitely something going on in Rohit's mind. Eventually I landed at No. 7 to bat. "

Dinesh Karthik, 35, also recalled what was going on in his mind at a time when India needed 34 off 12 balls. He said, "There are times in life when you come up and do something special. For me it was an opportunity where I had nothing to lose. I had a chance when I was completely I could always play openly. I always practiced in a situation where 12 runs in one over or 20 runs were needed in two overs, but I don't think I had ever faced a situation where we had 34 in two overs A run was needed. When I stepped on the field, I knew I could play the shot and I did it. "

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Pankaj Prasad