When Dharmendra fought to marry Hema Malini, then after 24 years, there was a storm in politics

The pairing of Dharmendra and Hema Malini is considered iconic in the Indian film industry.

15th October, 2020

" We worked together in many films. There was a time when we were working together for weeks and months, not for several days. Soon it became a habit to always be with each other. As time went on it became difficult to explain how I felt for them, and it was still difficult to define the relationship. To be honest, I never thought of marrying him. '' - Hema Malini, Biography Hema Malini - Beyond The Dream Girl.

The pairing of Dharmendra and Hema Malini is considered iconic in the Indian film industry. The picture that the couple presented on the screen of romance and love, was once nothing less than a school of love for lovers. But even across the screen, Dharmendra and Hema's love story is no less interesting than the screenplay of a super hit romantic film, which has a thrilling drama and several exciting twists in the story.

However, the most sensational twist of this story came when Dharmendra stepped into politics in the early years of the new century. However, first thing was Dharmendra and Hema Malini's love story and marriage ... which is described by Hema Malini in detail in her biography Hema Malini- Beyond The Dream Girl.

Love was not thoughtful

Hema says- "The truth was that I did not even know what I wanted. I knew that I was attracted to him, but this relationship had no future. Initially we were only good friends. I loved their company. My only argument was that I did not fall in love with them thoughtfully. It seems a bit strange, but I kept thinking that whenever I get married, I will do it to someone like her. But never thought of being with them. This was my luck and fortune. Magazines were full of stories about our affair.

Journalists used to write something, due to which the peace of our house was disturbed and tension started increasing. At that time I stopped talking to the journalist, because things had started to deteriorate. My father got scared of all this and started consulting astrologers and pundits. They wanted to know what was in my horoscope. Due to the delay in my marriage, they started getting worried, and due to this concern, they started going with me on the shooting. He had never done this in his entire life.

Hema's father used to do such things to keep Dharmendra away.

As Hema's feelings became stronger for Dharmendra, her family began to get worried. Especially his father, who was also going to accompany Hema on the shoot, so that he could reduce his proximity to Dharmendra.

Hema explains this in biography, "In 1975 when I was shooting for Ramanand Sagar's film Charas, we stayed in Malta for several weeks. Since I was shooting with him (Dharmendra), my father wanted to come with me. The cast and crew had to travel together in the same car many times.

My father was not the happiest. He used to instruct me in Tamil so that Dharam ji would not understand. I used to sit at one end and Dad used to sit in the middle. But Dharam ji used to make some excuse, due to which I had to sit in the middle so that he could sit with me.

Dharmendra-Hema was married to Iyengar customs

Dharmendra and Hema Malini's love finally won. On 2 May 1980, Hema Malini secretly married Iyengar customs at her brother Jagannath's house. When it was revealed, it was the biggest scoop that year.

Rajiv Vijaykar has mentioned this story in Dharmendra's biography Dharmendra- Not Just A He-Man. Only Dharmendra's father was present at the wedding. Hema Malini later discussed the wedding in detail in an interview given to Filmfare magazine. He had told that Dharmendra gave him two diamond rings and Iyengar Mangalsutra, while his father gave him a saree.

Dharmendra-Hema wedding became a political issue in 2004

There was a stir in the politics of 2004 regarding the marriage of Dharmendra and Hema Malini in 1980. Dharmendra was contesting from MP from Bikaner on a BJP ticket. He was charged with misinformation in the nomination.

Worked together in 33 films

From 1970 to 2011, Dharmendra and Hema Malini have worked together in 33 films, including hit films like Sholay, Jugnu, Charas, Pratigya, Sita and Geeta. The duo's first release was Tum Haseen Main Jawaan, which was released on 24 July 1970. The film directed by Bhappi Soni was written by Sachin Bhowmik. Dharmendra worked in the 2011 film Tell Me O Khuda, directed by Hema Malini, to revive the career of daughter Esha Deol.

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