Distressed by criticism, Dinesh Karthik left Kolkata Knight Riders captain, he will be the next captain

Kolkata captain Dinesh Karthik has recommended to hand over to Eoin Morgan.

16th October, 2020

Dinesh Karthik, the captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders, the franchise team of the Indian Premier League, has decided to leave the post. His captaincy was severely criticized after his average performance in the team's opening matches. After this, Karthik has recommended England be given the responsibility of Kolkata captaincy of Eoin Morgan who won the World Cup.

Kolkata captain Dinesh Karthik has recommended to hand over to Eoin Morgan. According to an English website, it was reported that Karthik has taken this big decision due to not being able to bring the team the desired success under his captaincy. On behalf of Kolkata, it has been announced on social media that now Morgan will take over the responsibility of captaining the team.

In a tweet, written on behalf of KKR, Dinesh Karthik and Eoin Morgan have done a great job in this tournament together and now Ion will take over the captaincy. It would be like changing each other's roles.

The Kolkata team has played a total of seven bouts in this tournament so far. Of this, the team has won 4 while the team has lost in 3. This team currently occupies the fourth position on the points table. In the last match, the team had to face a huge 82-run defeat against Royal Challengers Bangalore. The team lost the match against Mumbai Indians by 49 runs in the first match of the tournament.

However, this is not the first time that the captain of a team has suddenly entrusted this responsibility to someone else. Earlier, when Delhi Capitals used to be Delhi Daredevils, Gautam Gambhir had given the responsibility of captaincy in the middle tournament to young Shreyas Iyer.

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