Bihar Assembly Election: Nitish said - He has no vision, no experience - He do, whatever comes to mind

In the Aurangabad election meeting for the 2020 Bihar assembly elections, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that he has neither vision nor experience. They speak in their mind.

17th October, 2020

JDU chief and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday lashed out at the Lalu family and Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav at his election meetings in Aurangabad and Rohtas here. Said that he has neither vision nor experience. Those who come to mind, speak. Targeting the tenure of the RJD government, he said that the chief has done such a thing, only then he is inside today.

We will serve if given a chance

Nitish said that the central government is working hard for the development of Bihar. Brother, if given a chance, we will serve. We only work Serving people is my basic job. We worked to bring marginalized people into the mainstream. The Chief Minister said that Bihar will develop only when men and women work together. Our government did a better job for the education of women and girls. The cycle distribution scheme proved to be very beneficial for girls in studies.

Better work done in the field of education

Nitish said that earlier incidents of crime were at a peak, today the situation is in front of you. A person's income increased by 10.50 percent in Bihar. Better work was done in the whole of Bihar in education, health. The Student Credit Card Scheme proved beneficial for the students. 35% reservation in government services to women. He said that the goal of providing electricity to every house, every house toilets, every house to pucca road and every house to tap water will be fulfilled within two months. Now, the block will work as subdivision and subdivision as a district. Further, the girl will give 25 thousand to pass the inter examination and will give fifty thousand on graduation. Next time you will get an opportunity to arrange irrigation for all fields. Will build bypasses in every city and market. Where facility will not add through flyover.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad