Story of 3 National Champion Sisters: Wrestled everyone in wrestling, but got upset with the system

Wrestling Champion sisters Rakhi and Madhu tell that Chief Minister Hemant Soren has come to his house twice. And has also assured both sisters of a government job. But both are yet to get a job in terms of sports policy.

19th October, 2020

RanchiĀ The three daughters of the capital Ranchi, who beat all the opponents in the game of Wrestling, but at the moment, they seem to be nervous about the system itself. Three national champion daughters of the capital are waiting for the job that the Chief Minister himself has given by going to the door. Amidst the countless medals and certificates hanging on the walls of the house, the three sisters Rakhi, Madhu and Juhi are busy exploring their future happiness.

Elder sister Rakhi and her younger Madhu have proved their talent by winning gold medal in Jharkhand Senior Wrestling Championship as well as National Senior Wrestling Championship for 8 consecutive years. But at the moment this entire family with champion daughters is going through a period of Muflissi. In such a situation, both sisters are looking for a government job to enhance their game and to improve their lives.

CM has promised a jobĀ 
Rakhi and Madhu say that Chief Minister Hemant Soren has visited her house twice. And they have also given confidence of government jobs to both sisters.
In fact, in 2018, Rakhi lost the medal due to not being a coach in the National Senior Wrestling Championship held in Ayodhya, UP. The father is a wage laborer and the mother a housewife, so every day the pain of the champion daughters comes to the fore due to financial tightness and misery. Rakhi and Madhu, who live in Kishoreganj, Ranchi, play for 53 and 50 kg. However, due to the lockdown, the three sisters are currently practicing in their own home.

Goat making by selling goat
Mother Roopam Tirkey says that the scholarship is going through the daughters and their coaching. The situation is that in lockdown, the jugaad of bread is being sold only by selling goats.

At the same time, President of Jharkhand Wrestling Association, Bhola Singh also praised Rakhi and Madhu's performance and said that the Chief Minister himself is serious about this. And as soon as the sports policy is passed from the cabinet, both sisters will be given jobs.

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Reported by:
Maharanee Kumari