Hathras case: AMU VC suspended for doctor-CMO treating victim

Tariq Mansoor, Vice Chancellor (AMU VC) of Aligarh Muslim University, has suspended the doctor and CMO treating Hathras Victim at JN Medical College. This action has been taken by the Vice Chancellor of AMU after the CBI's inquiry

20th October, 2020

Aligarh In the Hathras case (Hathras Incident), the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has taken major action. He has suspended the doctor and CMO who treated the victim of Hathras at JN Medical College. AMU Vice-Chancellor (AMU VC) Tariq Mansoor has taken this action after the CBI's inquiry. The names of the doctors against whom this action has been taken are - Dr. Obaid and Dr. Mohammad Azimuddin Malik.

In fact, on Monday, the CBI team reached Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College located inside the AMU campus in connection with the investigation. After this, the AMU VC has suspended them, taking action against these two doctors.

On Tuesday, CBI team again met the victim's family
Earlier, on Tuesday, the CBI team went to the village of Hathras and called the victim's family once again. Also, the CBI went back to the place where the incident happened. A senior CBI officer reached Hathras to take stock of the progress made in the investigation of the case. Officials said that the joint director of the agency Sampat Meena had reached the CBI camp office in Hathras.
Let me tell you that on September 14, a case of gang rape with a 19-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly reported in Bulagadhi village. During this time the victim was also assaulted. The badly injured girl was admitted to Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital for treatment. Where he died on September 29 after struggling for life and death for fifteen. (Report of Ranjit Singh)

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Rachna Kumari